The big decision of the Gujarat government is the end of the land re-survey. Good news for the farmers of Gujarat

A cabinet meeting was held today under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel. In which various important issues have been discussed. The statement of state government spokesperson Minister Rishikesh Patel has come out after the cabinet meeting. He said that a decision has been taken to speed up the re-survey of the land.

Earlier, the government spent Rs. 700 crores were paid. The government received many complaints from the farmers regarding the survey. Many complaints were received in the old survey. In which the land maps were changed, after which the government has decided to re-survey the land anew.

Many farmers had applied for re-survey

Many farmers of Gujarat had applied to the DLR office at the district level for reformation of their holding land.

What were the mistakes in Gujarat online land re-survey?

  • The area has decreased or increased
  • There was a change in possession
  • There were changes in the map
  • The assessment of the village was also changed

Land survey defect correction program will be conducted again in Gujarat
Spokesperson Minister Rishikesh Patel said in the Cabinet briefing that an important decision has been taken for speedy disposal of the application for re-survey promulgation after re-measurement of the land in the Cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel.

He said that the pilot project for land survey defect rectification will be carried out on priority basis in Jamnagar and Devbhumika Dwarka districts. The government received applications for no-objection disposal of re-survey promulgation after re-survey as a pilot project in Jamnagar and Devbhoomi Dwarka districts.

According to these applications, the state government has decided to carry out the damage rectification work on priority basis. The minister further added that this land surveying defect improvement program will be carried out in other districts of the state in a phased manner in the near future.

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