These 6 special features of Google will change your life , use this way; Will earn millions

special features of Google : Recently Sundar Pichai came to India and he has launched many special features of Google for Indians. You should also take advantage of them. Here is the complete list. 

These 6 special features of Google

special features of Google

  1. new google pay feature
  2. Course will be on youtube
  3. multi search feature
  4. Take advantage of Digi Locker
  5. Doctor’s writing will be understood
  6. Will get health information

Google multi search: Google CEO Sundar Pichai came to India a few days ago and he has launched many free features on Google for Indian people. By using these features, you can make a big change in yourself because there are many types of YouTube courses in it, from which you can learn good skills and earn thousands of rupees per month sitting at home. They have also changed the Google Pay feature. Due to which people will be able to use that app easily. Let us know what special thing has come out of Sundar Pichai’s box for you? google pay feature – special features of Google

Google Pay users are going to be more comfortable now because Google Pay has changed the transaction history. The feature under which you will be able to get information about your expenses just by speaking. Let us tell you that this feature will also support the local language.    

2.Course will be on youtube – special features of Google

New courses will come on youtube. With which small creators will be able to make ad-tech plays by making their own videos. Those people will be able to upload PDF, images and other things in the video itself.  

3.multi search feature – special features of Google

Now the feature of multi search will be given in Google search. In which users will be able to get information by clicking on the photo. Apart from this, the feature of attaching screenshots will also be given. Apart from Hindi language, these features will also be available for other local languages. 

4.Take advantage of Digi Locker – special features of Google 

Now Android will be linked with DigiLocker. Users who have uploaded their documents in the DigiLocker app will be able to store them directly in the Android mobile. However, nothing has been told about when people will get the benefit of this feature. 

5.Doctor’s writing will be understood – special features of Google

There are many problems in reading the handwriting of the doctor. To understand this, Google will use AI and machine learning algorithm. With which you will soon be able to understand the doctor’s writing and will be able to buy medicines easily. 

6.Will get health information – special features of Google

You will also get many types of information related to health in the local language. You will be able to get all these in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati and Kannada.  

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