Which item can be changed frequently in Aadhaar card? If you don’t know, find out

In the year 2010, the first individual Aadhaar card was created in India. Since then, Aadhaar card has become a very important document in India. Now you will need aadhar card for almost every job. Whether it’s urgent bank work or taking advantage of a government scheme. Or you have to apply for a job somewhere. You need aadhar card everywhere. Sometimes it is also seen that some wrong information is also entered in the Aadhaar card. Which has to be changed later. But do you know which Aadhaar card information you can change frequently?

You can change your address as many times as you want
Aadhaar card issued by UIDAI is considered as an important identity card in India. Aadhaar card is required for almost every private and government job. But the information in Aadhaar card is wrong. Then you may face a problem. But if the information in the Aadhaar card is incorrect, the government has kept the scope for correction.

Where Aadhaar card has some information like this. Which can be changed only once or twice. But you can change the address as many times as you like. Because people often shift from one place to another. In such a situation, the government gives you the facility that when you start living where you are, you can change your address there.

These things cannot be changed often
Where you can change address in Aadhaar card as often as you want. So you can change date of birth and gender only once. If there is a mistake in your name, UIDAI gives you two chances to correct it.

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