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You will become wealthy at home / start this business by investing 8 thousand rupees, you will earn millions every month

You will become wealthy at home / start this business by investing 8 thousand rupees, you will earn millions every month

Some people have lost their jobs due to Corona epidemic. So there are some who have quit their job and started their own business. You can do any work at home. For which you will not need any certificate. You can start a business at home. This business can also be a tiffin service. Let’s know about a business that you can do at home.

This business is a profitable business.

These days metro range like Delhi-NCR, where more and more people feel the need of tiffin in their busy life. A large number of people have come to depend on tiffin service. It also includes Yeev, Graduate, Employed Women. Stays away from home due to job or further studies. Jaya often has trouble eating and drinking. People spend more than half of their time thinking about how to get home style meals at low cost. In that case you can start a tiffin service business to meet the demand of people. Word of mouth publicity is more successful in business. Also the profit is more in it.

Start trading with small amount like 8 thousand

No need to take any kind of certification to start this job. Because, you can do it sitting at home. Just spending 8-10k to start tiffin service you will start getting profit in few months. If the quality of your cooking is good and the customer has taste, you can quickly earn 1-2 lakh rupees per month.

Pay special attention to quality

You can start a tiffin service by investing a small amount of money. In it, you only need necessary utensils, spoons, utensils. For this business you have to pay special attention to cleanliness and quality. You can create your pages on Facebook and Instagram. You may get a lot of good feedback there.

Patience is required

Nimisha, who started a tiffin service in Delhi, says that no job is too big or too small. Today this work has given me recognition. Often we wait for the right time and timing. Also time should be given after starting any work. In the tiffin service business, profits often start from the second month of starting the business. So often there is no benefit for six months. In this situation you should not lose heart. He says, “When I started tiffin, I didn’t earn much. After about six months, the profits started coming.

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