BANK OF BARODA: Do you want a credit card? Know complete information about BOB Credit Card

Most people these days have a credit card. But there are still many people who do not have credit cards. Using a credit card also gives you a good cashback. If you want to apply for a new credit card, you can apply at Bank of Baroda. Before applying for a credit card, it becomes necessary for you to know what is a credit card?

There are many benefits if you take out a credit card at Bank of Baroda. You can do shopping, travel, ticket booking etc. with the help of credit card. And many offers are also available.

Elite Platinum Visa Credit Card offered by Bank of Baroda is affiliated to VISA International and is accepted worldwide and is a premium card offered by the bank to high net worth individuals and free personal accident insurance with attractive features and benefits to the cardholder. Card user can withdraw cash up to 30% of credit limit.

Eligibility for Platinum Visa Card
The annual income of the individual should be Rs 4 lakh and above.
Age of the person should be between 18 to 65 years.

Like the Elite Platinum Visa Credit Card, the Select Platinum MasterCard Credit Card is offered by Bank of Baroda to high net worth individuals. This card also offers insurance benefits to cardholders as well as cash withdrawals up to 40% of the credit card limit.

Eligibility for the Platinum MasterCard Credit Card
Individual’s annual income should be Rs.6 lakh and above.
Age of the person should be between 18 to 65 years.

Platinum Credit Card
This card comes with most of the features and benefits available with the Elite Platinum Visa and Select Platinum MasterCard credit cards. This card can only be availed by high net worth individuals. This card also provides insurance benefits to cardholders and can also withdraw cash up to 100% of the limit from this credit card.

Co-branded credit card
A co-branded credit card offered by Bank of Baroda affiliated with VISA International allows cash withdrawals up to 20% of the user credit limit of the card.

Eligibility criteria for co-branded credit cards
Applicant’s annual income should be Rs.3 lakh and above
Applicant’s age should be between 18-65 years.

Features of Bank of Baroda Credit Card
Validity – Credit cards offered by Bank of Baroda can be used in any part of the world and are accepted by more than 10 lakh ATMs.

24×7 Customer Care Service – Bank of Baroda provides 24 x 7 customer care to its credit card holders. People can call 24×7 toll free number for credit cards to get any help or information related to their card

Cash Withdrawal Facility – Bank of Baroda provides cash withdrawal facility to its credit card customers. Cardholders are allowed to withdraw cash up to 1% of their credit limit from ATMs in India and abroad. This percentage varies from card to card.

Loyalty Points- Bank of Baroda credit card holders can earn loyalty points when they spend money using their card.

BOB Credit Card Benefits
Add On Cards – Most of the credit cards offered by Bank of Baroda come with free add on cards.

Annual Fee Waiver – If cardholders spend a certain amount every year using their Bank of Baroda credit card and pay their bills regularly, the bank will waive their annual fee.

Exclusive Offers – Bank of Baroda offers exclusive offers like 0% fuel surcharge on all its credit cards, attractive discounts on international and domestic air tickets, hotel bookings, holiday bookings etc. Additionally, cardholders enjoy dining, shopping, hotel, etc. privileges and benefits offered by Visa and MasterCard.

Security – Credit cards offered by Bank of Baroda come with a security chip, which provides protection against fraudulent activities.

Insurance coverage – Bank provides free coverage to cardholders in case of accidents. The amount of coverage varies depending on the card.

Insta Pay Service – Bank of Baroda’s Insta Pay service has made it very easy and convenient for credit card holders to pay their bills online.

How to Apply Online for Bank of Baroda Credit Card? How to Apply Bank of Baroda Credit Card
Applicants first go to the bank’s website https://www.bankofbaroda.com/.
Click on the Cards section at the top of the home page.
Then select any card as per which you are eligible and click on “Apply Now”.
Then it will ask you to fill some personal details like Full Name • First Name • Middle Name • Last Name • Mother’s Name • Father’s Name • Date of Birth • Gender • Nationality • Marital Status • Aadhaar Number • PAN Number • Educational Eligibility / Residential Address • Telephone Number • Mobile Number • E-mail Address • Business Details • Bank Details • Add-on Card • Registration for Primary Applicant Fill all the details correctly and submit.
Application status can be viewed on the official web portal of the bank. Once the details are filled, the bank will decide whether the candidate is eligible to get the credit card he has applied for. It will be at the discretion of Bank of Baroda to decide whether or not to issue a credit card to the customer, depending on the eligibility of the customer, whether they can get the credit card or not.

Bank of Baroda Credit Card Application Status Online k

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