Don’t think twice and invest a few thousand in this way, you will become a millionaire sooner than a village

RBI Loan: Investing money is necessary for everyone. If you are also thinking of planning and investing money. So you also need to know where you will get good returns. You don’t need to deposit 1 crore rupees, but you can become a millionaire by investing a few rupees every month.

Bank of Baroda alerted millions of customers! The temptation of 50 thousand will be so great that the entire account will be empty

Investing in mutual funds is less risky than the stock market. If you want to fund crores of rupees in future, you should start SIP from today.

By investing in these two post office schemes, women became millionaires, will get unexpected returns!

Now talking about this in detail, SIP is a part of mutual fund, in which investments are made every month. If you look at the figures for the last three-four years, you will know that SIP has given its investors an average return of 12-15%.

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If you start today Rs. 7,000 SIP, it also offers 15% returns over the next 20 years. With this you can become the first millionaire by collecting a total fund of 1 crore 6 lakh rupees.

All of a sudden what happened is that banks are giving people lots of jobs… broke the record of giving the highest number of jobs

There are various types of funds within SIP, of which index funds are considered to be the safest. It includes only those stocks which are listed in India’s index i.e. Nifty-50, no such stock is included in Nifty-50. If it follows the norms set by SEBI and has the potential to give good returns to investors, it is included in the list of Nifty-50 index.

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