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Business Idea : Investment of only 1 lakh, earning of 2 lakh every month, this business related to cars will be run by car detailing.

Business Idea: The business of car detailing is booming these days. The biggest reason for that is the increase in the number of cars. This work can be started with a very low cost and has a very good income.

Car detailing business can be started at low cost. 

These days are the era of startups. People are starting their startups with new ideas every day. But there are some traditional businesses which are considered small scale but they are not less in terms of earning. One such job is car detailing. It does not take much investment to start this work, however if it is expanded then this investment can reach to crores. But you only need Rs 1 lakh to start. Don’t be shocked, it is true that you can start this job with an investment of only 1 lakh rupees.

There are better earning opportunities in this work. This business can earn 1 to 2 lakh rupees per month on an investment of only 1 lakh rupees. Although this may seem shocking to some people, but as this work is less mechanical and more labor related, the investment in it is less. Let us tell you which items will cost you and how will you earn.

Car detailing business has become very popular nowadays. People want to keep their cars brand new for a long time. Car detailing is an attractive option for people who want to keep their cars beautiful, clean and like new.

What is car detailing?

If you want to know what car detailing is then it is very easy to understand. Car detailing is a set of various services like car cleaning, polishing, restoration and vacuuming. It aims to eliminate those minor problems that most car owners face. Through these services, a car detailer checks all the internal and external parts of the car and cleans them to make them look like a brand new car.

What is car detailing business?

What is car detailing business? It is a business in which a car detailer or a car detailing company provides various services such as washing, polishing, changing seat covers, cleaning bike machines, cleaning rickshaws and repairing vehicles under the car detailing business. This business is very profitable and you can start it from home.

To start a car detailing business you need to take care of some key elements. First you need to know about this business so that you can understand it well. Second you will need materials suitable for car detailing such as machines, chemicals, compost, sponges and other materials. Thirdly, you have to choose a location for your business, where you can provide your services.

In the next step, you have to make a good marketing plan for this business. You can sell your services in various ways like internet, social media, etc.

Benefits of Car Detailing

Car detailing is a comprehensive business, which helps in giving vehicles a better look and extends their life. This business gives customers a new shine to their vehicles which usually keeps them for a long life. Apart from this, car detailing business also offers you the benefits of better customer satisfaction and higher profits in less time.

A. Better look of the car

The biggest advantage of car detailing business is that it gives a better look to the vehicles which is very important for the customers. Through washing, polishing, interior cleaning, bike machine cleaning, and vehicle repairs, a car detailing business gives vehicles a new shine that makes them feel like new. It helps in maintaining the existence of vehicles.

 B. Guaranteed longevity

One of the greatest features of car detailing business is that it guarantees longevity of vehicles. This business provides customers with high quality products for their vehicles that sustain their existence. Car detailing experts once clean the vehicle in a structured way, keeping it safe for a long time.

C. Improved customer satisfaction

A car detailing business provides customers with high-quality products that help them keep their vehicles in top shape. The business also attracts customers who want to keep their vehicle looking shiny and like new for a long time. Hence, car detailing business is preferred by more customers, who prefer to use the products of this business.

D. More profits in less time

Car detailing business is a high profit business. In this business more profit can be achieved in less time at less cost. If you get proper training for this business, you can achieve maximum profit in less time. Costs are low in this business so you can earn high profits in a short time.

In this business you can work with big vehicles which increases your profit. You should use proper tools to earn more profit in less time in this business. Apart from this, you can showcase your business on the online platform which can get you more customers and you can earn more profit in less time.

How much does car detailing cost ?

  • Before opening a car detailing workshop you will need an open plot with water connection. You have to rent it up to 20 thousand rupees per month, if you have such a place then it will be more beneficial for you.
  • For this you will have to take three jacks and 4 car mounting which will cost around 15 thousand rupees.
  • You will need a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, it should have a capacity of 80 liters or more. Your expenses will be around 20 to 25 thousand rupees.
  • A heavy duty tool set will be required, which will cost around 5 thousand rupees.
  • At the same time, a mini compressor, jet and 1 horse power water motor and pipe, all these things will come in 10 thousand rupees.
  • A tumble dryer, available in markets starting at Rs 20,000.
  • Car washing and drycleaning chemicals, by the way, these chemicals are given by companies on one month credit, but if you have to take them on cash for the first month, then it will cost a maximum of ten thousand and if imported, it will cost 15 to 20 thousand rupees. .

Car Detailing – How to Earn

  • In car detailing, if the car comes for deep washing, then it is charged from 500 to 1000 rupees. An average running detailing center sees about 10 cars come in for a wash every day. In such a case, there are 300 cars in a month, but considering holidays and seasonal changes, let’s consider them as 200 and charge Rs 500, then this amount reaches Rs 1 lakh.
  • At the same time, from 2 thousand to 4 thousand rupees are taken from the cars coming for dry cleaning. An average 3 to 4 cars go for drycleaning every day at a centre. If average of 4 cars is considered then it is 120 cars per month. If a car is charged Rs 3000 then the total for a month is Rs 320000. By combining washing and dry cleaning in this way, this amount comes to around 4 lakh rupees.
  • You have to have at least 9 helpers for this center. Out of which 4 are washing, two for dry cleaning, two for polishing and one mechanic.
  • The salary of a car mechanic is between 25 to 50 thousand rupees per month.
  • At the same time, the salary of four other people is around 15 thousand rupees.
  • Due to this you have to spend about 2 lakh rupees every month in salary.
  • With this, your water bill will be around 2 to 5 thousand rupees.
  • The electricity bill will sit between 30 to 50 thousand rupees.
  • At the same time, if 20 thousand rupees are also considered under the item of other expenses, then the total expenses will be between 2.5 lakh rupees to 3 lakh rupees.

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