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Digital Marketing Course : Lakh Kamane Hain To Sikh Le Yeh Course

Digital Marketing: The digital sector is going to provide lakhs of jobs to the talented youth of today. So if you are also unemployed and looking for a job then you can make your career in this field to get success soon.

Career Guidance: Internet has become an important part of people’s needs today. Millions of people surf the internet every hour every day for business or job. Netizens who spend a lot of time on social media and whose social media accounts are monetized earn a lot of money from social media platforms. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s full focus is on the Digital India Mission. Today, due to digitization, the online market has become billions of rupees. In such a way you too can shine your career along with removing your unemployment by becoming a part of digital marketing world.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a type of marketing that advertises products and services using the Internet, mobile phones, and other digital media. It’s a rich way to market your products or services to like-minded people.

Various tools are used in digital marketing such as email marketing, social media marketing, website marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), paper click advertising (PPC), etc. These tools are available in various formats, including images, text, video, audio, etc.

Digital marketing is an important tool that helps companies to establish a relationship between manufacturers and consumers of their products and services.

Digital Marketing Salary

Salaries in the digital marketing field vary and include many factors such as company size, job level, experience, and field.

A fresher who applies for a digital marketing job, his salary usually starts from 2 lakh rupees. Along with this, they also get other benefits like bonus, medical insurance, and other benefits.

Salary increases with more experience and job level. The starting salary of a graduate digital marketing professional usually starts from 3 lakh rupees. An annual salary of a senior digital marketing manager can be more than 20 lakh rupees.

However, salary may vary from company to company and recruit to recruit, so it is important to understand that one should check the job description related to your job and before that the benefits, salary, allowances, bonuses stipulated by your company. And other benefits should be considered.

Also, to get a job in digital marketing you should have higher education, experience in technical jobs, problem solving skills and excellent communication skills. Apart from this, keeping abreast of the latest digital marketing skills and tools is also very important.

Overall, digital marketing is a rapidly evolving employment sector. To get job in this field it is necessary to have knowledge of latest skills for more jobs and more salary.

Digital Marketing Course

SEO: i.e. Search Engine Optimization- By this you can rank your own website or any website of your office on the first page of Google. In Search Engine Optimization, the website is optimized according to different SEO factors, which increases the SERP ranking of the website.

SMM: i.e. Social Media Marketing – It is a marketing technique by which a business, brand or individual uses social media to promote their services and products. Social media marketing is considered a part of digital marketing.

PPC: means Pay Per Click- It means Paid Search Engine Marketing. You have to pay a fee for this. For every single click, in PPC marketing you first have to find a keyword and then you have to bid on that keyword.

E-Mail Marketing: E-Mail Marketing- E-mail marketing is the most common and popular method in the digital world. Which is used to promote commercial products or services for the purpose of gaining advertising. This marketing is considered to be a better and professional way to increase sales among consumers.

Content Marketing: Content marketing is a marketing technique that uses various media methods including quality content such as articles, videos, podcasts, e-mails, social media posts to engage and retain customers. Content marketing establishes your brand expertise.

Mobile Marketing: Mobile marketing is generally seen as a tool for marketing communication. It is used to send important business messages like some kind of promotion, discount or offer to the customers on a large scale.

Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing – in this medium, through various marketing initiatives run by a company, the income is generated from the sales generated by promoting the products. For example, anyone can earn their commission by bringing customers to Amazon or any other e-commerce website through their efforts. This is called affiliate marketing.

Marketing Analytics: By analyzing various aspects of the market, the USP, weakness, opportunities and potential threats of a company can be identified. A very good salary is offered for this job nowadays.

You can build your future after learning these things by taking a digital marketing course from a reputed and affiliated institute.

How to do digital marketing course

To do digital marketing course you can follow the following steps:

Determine your target: There are many courses available in different areas of digital marketing. So, you have to decide which subject you want to take the course.

Choose a University or Institute: Many educational institutes and universities offer online digital marketing courses. You can choose an institute based on your budget and experience.

Register for Online Course: If you like the course, you have to register for the course by visiting the website of the institute or university.

Complete the Course: Adjust the time to complete your course and find time to study and complete the course.

Gain practical experience: Most digital marketing courses deal with practical experience. So, during the course you practice in real cases and improve your relevant skills.

Use Online Resources: Apart from online digital marketing courses you can also use resources available on the internet like videos, blogs, websites etc.

Get a certificate: After completing the course, you can get a certificate from the institute or university. This will prove to be an invaluable asset for you, which you can add to your resume in the future.

Digital marketing courses are available both online and offline. Online courses are easily available and make it convenient for people sitting at home.


To do a digital marketing course you have to choose a subject according to your choice and then use the resources available for it. You can consult others, use online resources and choose online or offline digital marketing courses according to your interest. You should practice relevant skills during the course and also gain practical experience. To succeed, you will need to constantly study and apply your new knowledge to your work.

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