Change in passport verification process, no more need to go to police station, know more information.

Government is constantly concerned to increase the convenience of the citizens in the country of India. Keeping in view various services and plans are released. The government also takes important decisions for many documents in the country. You can apply “e-passport online” for passport through Govt. But today the passport verification process has been changed. We will get more information about that through this article.

An important decision has been taken by the Gujarat government for passports. Now Passport Verification Process News has come up. Important news has come out for the applicants regarding the passport verification process. The process of passport verification has been changed. What has been done in this change? We will get the information.

Highlight Point of Passport Verification Process News

આર્ટિકલનું નામપાસપોર્ટ વેરિફિકેશન પ્રક્રિયામાં થયો ફેરફાર, હવે નહીં જવું પડે પોલીસ સ્ટેશન, જાણો વધુ માહિતી.
પાસપોર્ટ માટે પોર્ટલનું નામPassport Sewa Portal
આર્ટિકલનો પ્રકારઅગત્યના ફેરફાર સબંધિત
નવા પાસપોર્ટ માટે
કોણ અરજી કરી શકે છે?
ભારતના દરેક નાગરિક
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Where have the amendments been made for passport verification?
Changes have been made for passport verification for applicants. Which are as follows.
There is no need to call the applicants in person at the police station.
Only the applicant’s citizenship as well as the applicant’s previous criminal history have to be verified.
Police are not required to verify the address of passport applicants.
The police do not need to meet passport applicants in person or take the applicant’s signature.
Only in cases where the police find it necessary to carry out further verification of passport applicants, the police should visit the residence of the applicants.

What was directed to the policeman in the circular of the Director General of Police?
An important circular has been issued by the Director General of Police. In which the police personnel have been told that applicants no longer need to call the police station for passport verification. Citizenship of the applicant has to be verified for passport verification. And the criminal history of the applicant has to be verified. Police are not required to verify the address of the applicant. There is no need to call the applicant in person to issue a new passport. And there is no need to take the applicant’s signature and other documents.

Police can be called in special and important cases
In this circular, it is stated that, in special and important cases, the police can call the applicant. And may visit the residence of the applicant only in case of need for further verification of passport applicants if required.

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