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Pay electricity bill online sitting at home : When we talk about Gujarat electricity bill, it is often seen that customers have to go to the electricity house or the concerned office to get their bill information, where there is a huge crowd, in this case, to get the electricity bill information. for. For this a lot of time is wasted in the concerned office which becomes a hassle for any citizen. How to check Gujarat electricity bill online? It is a big problem for electricity consumers in Gujarat state, because due to lack of timely electricity bill information, consumers are not able to deposit their electricity bills on time, due to which they get more bills, and then bill is paid in lump sum.

List of Companies of Gujarat Energy Department

So now if you want to check Gujarat electricity bill online then it is very important for you to know how many companies are distributing electricity in Gujarat and which company is distributing electricity in your area. Because while checking the electricity bill it has to be filled by which company is distributing the electricity in your area. So, below we have mentioned about electricity distribution companies in Gujarat which are as follows –

Dakshin Gujarat Vij Company Limited
Madhya Gujarat Vij Company Limited
West Gujarat Power Company Limited
North Gujarat Vij Company Limited
Documents required for payment of light bill
smart phone
Internet connection
Subscriber No

Advantages of Online Lightbill Payment

Using this process, you will be able to check electricity bill online. Which will save you a lot of time.
With the introduction of online electricity bill checking process, the offices attached to the department will be less crowded, due to which the work pressure will be reduced on the departmental officials and they will feel like doing their work.
Manipulation of electricity bills in electrical departments will reduce to a great extent.
You can also pay electricity bill online using this process.

How to pay light bill online

First of all you have to visit Gujarat South Vij Company Ofsil website. You can also go directly to his website from this given link.
After coming to the website after scrolling the screen on its homepage you will get the option of consumer corner, within this option you will see many options, in which you will get the option of View Latest Bill Status detail where you have to click.
Now here you will get a form type where you have to enter your consumer number and below captcha code in the verification code option.
Now after filling all the details, click on the search option given below.
As soon as you click on the search button, your electricity bill related information will appear in front of you.

Important link for online bill payment

To fill Uttar Gujarat Electricity Company Limited (UGVCL) Light Bill Check : Click here
To fill Madhya Gujarat Electricity Company Limited (MGVCL) Light Bill Check : Click here
To Pay Western Gujarat Electricity Company Limited (PGVCL) Light Bill Check : Click Here
To fill South Gujarat Electricity Company Limited (DGVCL) Light Bill Check : Click here
Homepage : Click here

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