Solar Rooftop Plan 2023 | You will not have to pay the light bill for 25 years and you will earn

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Benefits of Solar Rooftop Plan

Free Electricity : The cost of installing a solar plant will be recovered in approximately 5 years, then the surplus electricity generated will be free for the remaining 20 years, thus the scheme is very beneficial in terms of investment as well.

Excess electricity will be purchased by the power company: If the electricity is generated in excess of the consumption, it will go to the grid, which will be purchased by the power company for 25 years at a price fixed by the Electricity Regulatory Commission and a fixed amount will also be paid.

Increase in income : The electricity company will buy the unit other than your consumption at rs.2.25/Unit and at the end of every financial year, the excess amount deposited in the electricity bill will be sent to your bank account.

Free maintenance for 5 years: After installation of solar roof top plant, the agency will maintain the system free of charge for 5 years.

How much space is required to install solar panels?

Installing solar panels does not require much space. These panels can also be installed on the roof of one’s house or the roof of a factory. 1KW of solar power will require 10 square meters of space.

Eligibility for Solar Rooftop Scheme

The solar cells and solar modules used in the solar rooftop system should be manufactured in India.
For setting up solar system for power connections for common facilities the premises should be owned by the Group Housing Society / Residential Welfare Association(RWA).
A 3-phase solar system may be permitted for residential purpose connection to feeders which have permanent 3-phase power supply throughout the day.

How to apply for Solar Roof Top Scheme 2023 online?

The online form of Solar Roof Top Scheme can be applied by visiting the State Government website or Central Government website

After online application will be forwarded online to concerned discom for technical feasibility approval.

Install Roof Top Solar through any vendor registered on the portal after technical feasibility is approved.

After installing the rooftop fill its details on the portal and apply for net metering.

After inspection of the respective DISCOM plants, net meters will be installed and uploaded on the portal.

After getting the net meter, the consumer can apply for the meter for which they have to upload their bank account details and a copy of the canceled check on the portal.

The central government subsidy will be credited to the consumer’s account within 30 working days.

The latest status information of each phase will be available online on the portal.

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