Check Status of PM Kisan Rs 2000 : Check Deposited or Not?

Check Status of PM Kisan Rs 2000

Check the status of PM Kisan 2000 rupees, farmer friends today we will talk about how to check the status of PM Kishan Nidhi 2000 deposited online. And if the installment is not coming, then what documents are required and to whom to give those documents, we will see all this information today in this post.

Check PM Kisan Rs 2000 status

Our country is an agricultural country. Many schemes are run by the Government of India and the State Government for the farmers. There are schemes like Pradhan Mantri Mandhan Yojana, Kisan Credit Card, E Shram Card etc. In which you will know about Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana. Under this scheme farmers will get Rs. 2000 in three installments totaling 6000 per annum. Now you have to do eKYC to continue the benefit of PM Kisan Yojana. This option is now available on the official website of PM Kisan.

PM Kisan Important Note

Farmers availing the benefits of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana have to do online eKVC.
2000/- installment will stop if eKYC is not done from the official website of Government of India.
If we are availing the benefit of this scheme and want to continue the assistance installments then get eKYC done on the basis of your documents immediately.

Information about PM Kisan

The government is giving direct installments to farmers to prevent fraud. In that case, it is necessary for you to know whether you will get the upcoming installment this month or not. To know this you need to check your status. If your installment is stopped what is the reason? Or for what reasons you are not getting installments. For that, you have to get information online for all the questions like when you can get the next installment.

It is worth mentioning that the Modi government has given a total of 12 installments of 2000 rupees in this scheme so far and the installments are coming. In this scheme, registered farmers are given 6000 rupees every year in 3 installments.

Check your account like this

First of all you go to the official website of PM Kisan
Here you will find the option of ‘Farmers Corner’ on the right side.
Here click on the option of ‘Beneficiary Status’. A new page will open here.
Go to the new page and select any option from bank account number, mobile number. With the help of these 3 numbers, you can check whether the money has entered your account or not.
Enter the number of the option you have selected and then click on ‘Get Data’.
After clicking here you can get information about each transaction. You will also know when the installment will be credited to your account and which bank account has been credited.

You will also get the installment information here.

If you see ‘FTO is generated and Payment confirmation is pending’ written, it means that the process of fund transfer is going on. Within few days you will get Rs.
PM Kisan know when the installment will come
Based on this scheme every year Modi government gives 6000 rupees to farmers in 3 parts of 2000 rupees in their account. The first installment falls between July 31, the second installment from August 1 to November 30 and the third installment from March 31. The PM Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme was launched by the Modi government on 24 February 2019 and was implemented from 1 December 2018.

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