Child Aadhaar Card: Get your child’s Aadhaar card at home. Follow this procedure..

Nowadays Aadhaar card is prevalent as an important document in the country. Aadhaar card is also mandatory for various services and government assistance available to citizens living in the country. There are also rules on how many times name and date of birth can be changed in your Aadhaar card. But today we will get the information about how to get Aadhaar card for 0 to 5 year old children.

Important decisions related to Aadhaar are taken in the country by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). A decision was also taken for amendment or addition of Aadhaar card at home. Now you can take your 0 to 5 year old children for Aadhaar card apart from Aadhaar Center. You can now collect your child’s Aadhaar from your nearest post office. The mother or father can go in person to get the Aadhar of the child at your nearest post office.

Highlight Point

આર્ટિકલનું નામChild Aadhaar Card: તમારા બાળકનું આધારકાર્ડ
ઘરે બેઠા કઢાવો. આ પ્રકિયાને અનુસરો..
આર્ટિકલની ભાષાગુજરાતી અને અંગ્રેજી
આર્ટિકલનો હેતુ0 થી 5 વર્ષના નાના બાળકોના આધારકાર્ડ સરળતાથી નીકળી જાય.
ઓફિશિયલ ઓર્ગેનાઈઝેશનUIDAI Unique Identification Authority of India
અધિકૃત વેબસાઈટ
Training imparted to post office staff
Citizens can now apply for Aadhaar cards outside of Aadhaar centers. You can do this work at home. You can get Aadhaar from your village postman for servicing your Aadhaar card. Staff working at the post office have also been trained to provide this service.

India Post Doorstep Service | Benefit of door step service in Indian Post Department
Indian Post Department is also providing attractive services day by day. This includes services like post office accident insurance scheme, open India Post Bank online account at home and door step. This Doorstep service is an important service. To register visit the following website.

First go to Google Search.
Then type Post Info Service Request in it.

Now the official website of IndiaPost will come. Click on it.
The website will open in a new page. Fill in your personal information on the right side.
After filling all the information click on Request OTP.
Now an OTP will be sent to your mobile. Verify it.
Now you can get Aadhaar card at the nearest post office after booking the service.

Aadhaar card for children below 5 years of age
You can easily create Aadhaar card of your child from 0 to 5 years. You don’t need to visit Aadhaar Seva Center for that. Now you can get Aadhaar card even by visiting the post office.

You can get Aadhaar card of a child below 5 years.
No need to provide your child’s bio metric.
A passport size photograph will be taken to issue Aadhaar card of the child. In which a white color background is required.
Child’s birth certificate will be required.
Aadhaar card of either the child’s mother or father will be required.
If both mother and father don’t have Aadhaar card, Aadhaar has to be transferred first.
Fingers and eyes scans will be taken if the child completes five years. That means biometric will be processed.

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