Goods Carrier Scheme 2023. Mal Vahak Vahan Sahay Yojana

Short Brief: Mal Vahak Vahan Yojana 2023 | Kishan Parivahan Yojana Online | Information in Gujarati about Kisan Transport Scheme. ikhedut portal subsidy | A total subsidy of up to ₹75,000 is available under the goods carrier scheme.

Many schemes are released by various departments in the state of Gujarat. New schemes for farmers are implemented by the Department of Agriculture, Farmers Welfare and Cooperation. Farmers are encouraged by the government to increase crop production by adopting new methods of farming. For which iKhedut Portal is created.

Farming schemes, animal husbandry schemes, horticulture schemes etc. are run on this portal. Through this article we will talk about the goods carrier vehicle scheme 2023 of the agriculture department. What is the eligibility to avail the Mal Vahak Vahan Sahay Yojana, and how to avail the benefits by filling the online form on the I Farmers portal.

Innovative agriculture oriented schemes are implemented by the central government to double the income of farmers. To achieve the objective, state government farmer schemes come out every year. Tractors are used by farmers to transport the crops produced in the field. Considering the low requirement of many farmers, they are also using Goods Carriage Vehicle to send to farm markets. In view of which the Goods Carriage Scheme 2023 has been released so that the farm produce can be easily transported to the farm markets and the farmers can purchase goods carriage vehicles.

Purpose of Subsidy on Goods Carrier Scheme
Farmers are provided financial support to avoid the hassle of transporting their produce to nearby markets. Farmers are given subsidy on purchase of transport equipment. Kisan Parivahan Yojana Gujarat application has to be done online.

Hightlight of Khedut Mal Vahak Vahan Sahay Yojana

યોજનાનું નામમાલ વાહક વાહન યોજના 2023
આર્ટિકલની ભાષાગુજરાતી અને અંગ્રેજી
યોજનાનો ઉદ્દેશખેડૂતો દ્વારા ઉત્પન્ન થયેલો પાક APMC સુધી લઈ જવા
માલ વાહન સાધનની ખરીદી પર સબસીડી
લાભાર્થીગુજરાતના પાત્રતા ધરવતા ખેડૂતોને
સબસીડી નંબર-1નાના,સીમાંત,મહિલા, એસ.સી/એસ.ટી ખેડૂતોને કુલ ખર્ચના 35 %
અથવા 75,000/- બે માંથી જે ઓછું હોય તે લાભ મળશે.
સબસીડી નંબર-2સામાન્ય અને અન્ય ખેડૂતોને  કુલ ખર્ચના 25 %
અથવા 50,000/- બે માંથી જે ઓછું હોય તે
અધિકૃત વેબસાઈટ  
ઓનલાઈન અરજી કેવી રીતે કરવીikhedut Online Application
અરજી કરવાની છેલ્લી તારીખ03/12/2023
Eligibility for Goods Carrier Scheme
Under the Krishi Sahay Yojana, the eligibility of the beneficiaries for the benefit of this scheme is determined. Some of the eligibility criteria set by the Department of Agriculture are as follows.
Applicant should be farmer of Gujarat state.
Small, marginal, women, ST, SC, general and other farmer beneficiaries will benefit from these schemes.
The beneficiary farmer should be a land holder.
The beneficiary farmer can avail the benefit of this scheme even if he has a forest right certificate.
Beneficiary farmers can apply a time limit of at least 5 years to reap the benefits of Kisan Transport Yojana.
Farmer beneficiary has to apply online from Ikhedut portal to avail this scheme.

Conditions of purchase of equipment of goods carrier scheme
Terms of purchase for ikhedut portal Parivahan are set by Gujarat State Government. Farmers have to fulfill certain conditions to avail the benefit of this scheme.

The purchase has to be made from the designated empaneled and announced prize discovery through the iKhedoot portal.
For this scheme, the beneficiary farmer has to purchase from an approved dealer (seller) of the manufacturer included in the panel.
A farmer must have a valid license to avail this assistance.

Assistance Standard of Freight Transport Scheme
The ikhedut subsidy is fixed in advance in the Kisan Transport Scheme. This subsidy will be provided on the basis of caste and status of applicant farmer till 2023. Which are as follows.

સામાન્ય અને અન્ય ખેડૂતોને Kisan Parivahan Yojana ખેડૂતોને કુલ ખર્ચના 25 % અથવા 50,000/- બેમાંથી જે ઓછું હોય તે મુજબ સબસીડી મળશે.
મહિલા, નાના, સીમાંત,અનુસુચિત જાતિઅને અનુસુચિત જન જાતિ ખેડૂતોનેકિસાન પરિવહન યોજના હેઠળ ખેડૂત લાભાર્થીઓને કુલ ખર્ચના 35 % અથવા 75,000/- બે માંથી જે ઓછું હોય તે મુજબ સબસીડી મળશે.
To avail the benefits of Khedut Mal Vahak Vahan Sahay Yojana running on ikhedut portal, one has to apply online. For which the following documents are required.
ikhedut Portal 7-12 (Can be downloaded from Anyror Gujarat 7/12)
Copy of Beneficiary’s Aadhaar Card (Download Aadhaar Card.)
Caste certificate if the farmer belongs to S.C. caste
If the farmer S.T. Caste certificate in case of caste
Copy of ration card
If the farmer is disabled, certificate of disability (if applicable)
Copy of forest rights letter for beneficiaries of forest rights area (if any)
Consent form of other farmer in case of joint tenant in 7-12 and 8-A agricultural land
If having soul registration
Details (if applicable) of member of co-operative society
Information if member of milk producer association (if applicable only)

Farmers have to register through the ikhedut portal to avail the benefits under the goods transport scheme. Farmers can also do the beneficiary online application at home. And can also apply online through Computer Entrepreneur (VCE) from their Gram Panchayat. Following is the step by step information on how to apply for Kisan Transport Yojana online.

First you have to type “ikhedut portal” in Google search.
In which to open the website from the result that comes in Google Search.
After opening iKhedut Portal click on “Plan”.
After clicking on the scheme open “Khetiwadi Ni Yojana” at row no-1.
After opening “Khetiwadi nee Yojana” where government will show another scheme, Khedu Yojana.

In which the website has to be opened by clicking on “Apply” in “Freight Carrier Scheme”.
You will then be asked whether you are a registered applicant farmer. In which if you have registered then “Yes” and if not “No” has to be done.
If you have registered then you have to apply by entering Captcha Image after entering Aadhaar Card Number and Mobile Number.
If the beneficiary has not registered on the ikhedut portal, he has to apply online by selecting ‘No’.

The beneficiary farmer will open the online form of Kisan Transport Yojana, in which after filling the complete information click on save application.
After that the beneficiary has to check the details again and confirm the application. Note that once the application is confirmed, there will be no correction or increment in the application number.
Beneficiary can get print based on his application after applying online.

iKhedut Portal Application Status & Re-Print | How to take print out of application
Beneficiary farmers can check ikhedu application status online and take Arji Print. Now to know the application procedure can be easily known through ikhedut portal.

1ikhedut portal Status
2Application Print
Application Status & Re-Print
Online Application Last Date. Last date to apply
Kisan Parivahan Yojana must be applied online. Applicants can apply for this scheme till 03/12/2023. After that the application process will be closed.

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