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Dhani App Loan:

Nowadays people prefer to take loans sitting at home and considering this opportunity DHANI APP has started providing instant loans to people sitting at home. Although there are many loan apps available to take a home loan online, among all these loan apps, DHANI APP is the best, as it offers loans at very low-interest rates. The loan amount gets deposited in the account within 5 to 6 minutes.

In today’s internet age, people don’t like to go to banks to get loans, that’s why Dhani App Loan is getting very popular. Earlier DHANI APP was named IndiaBulls and later IndiaBulls was renamed to DHANI APP. Which is promoted by Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Due to millions of users and famous player Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s promotion, this app can be trusted.

Why you should avail of Dhani Loans and Services Personal Loan?

  • With the help of Dhani, individuals with good credit records can get financial assistance within minutes at the best interest rate in the market. The interest rates start from 13.99% p.a.
  • Customers can apply for a personal loan for any purpose, be it for marriage, medical requirements, business, home renovation, business, or traveling.
  • The customers get to enjoy an end-to-end application process followed by an instant disbursal directly to their bank accounts.
  • The borrowers needn’t take any hassle of visiting the banks or other lenders. They can conduct the entire process on their smartphone whenever and wherever they want.
  • Applicants belonging to any state, village, or city in India can apply for a personal loan anytime through this app.
  • The easy-to-use interface of Dhani makes the loan application and disbursement procedure extremely easy and quick thus, offering the users the best e-loan experience ever.
  • It is a completely hassle-free way of applying for a personal loan and the applicants needn’t go through any documentation process. The loan can be applied for and received digitally without any hassles of uploading documents.

What is Dhani App Loan?

The old name of the DHANI APP was IndiaBulls, but later it has been renamed as DHANI APP. He is very famous in the loan industry. DHANI Loan Application is used by 100+ million people and through this app one can get a loan in just 5 to 6 minutes.

This application provides many types of loan facilities because all people have different needs, that’s why it offers different types of loans. So that the needs of all people can be fulfilled.

  • Personal Loan
  • Business Loan
  • Two Wheeler Loan
  • Medical Loan
  • Education Loan
  • Home Loan
  • Car Loan
  • Wedding Loan
  • Travel Loan

Dhani Instant Loan Application process

The application process to take a loan from the Dhani app is very easy and convenient to fill. You can apply for any type of loan without any paperwork and documentation. The entire process runs wholly online, and that makes it very convenient and hassle-free. You can opt for any particular loan you want during the form filling. Later you can choose the loan amount and tenure.

The online process is mentioned below:
Step I – first of all, you need to download the Dhani app either from the play store or from its official website,

Step II- now, you need to get yourself registered on the app. For that, you can either use your phone number, email id, or any other documents. You also need to link your bank account with the app.

Step III – once the registration is over, you should start filling out the application form. You need to be very careful while filling out the application form. Here you can choose the loan amount and tenure.

Step IV – now, you need to submit the scanned images of the documents required. After the documents are uploaded, you can submit the application form.

Step V – you need to wait for a few minutes, as it takes some time for document verification and validation. Once the documents are verified, the amount will be directed to your account.

Dhani Personal Loan Fees & Charges

While the Dhani Personal Loan interest rate is a major factor influencing your cost of borrowing, other fees also add to your borrowing costs. Generally, the processing fee with a Dhani Loan can go up to 5% of the loan amount.

This means that if your loan amount is ₹5 Lakhs, the processing fee can be up to ₹25,000. Apart from the processing fees, there are prepayment charges and other legal charges. You can check the details of these charges at the time of applying for the Dhani Personal Loan.

Dhani Personal Loan EMI Calculator

Using a personal loan EMI calculator, you can quickly get accurate estimates of your monthly installments. Once you enter the loan details – amount, tenure, and interest rate for your Dhani Personal Loan, the EMI calculator will display your EMI amount and your total interest amount.

How to Check Indiabulls Dhani Application Status?

You can check the Indiabulls Dhani Loan application status by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Download the Dhani app on your smartphone from Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS).
  • Log in to the app using your Indiabulls personal loan login credentials.
  • You will see some tabs. Click on the type of loan you have applied for from the given options.
  • Your Indiabulls personal loan application status will be displayed on the screen.
  • How Does Dhani Mobile App Work?
  • Below is the complete process of applying for a loan on the Dhani mobile application:
  • Download and install the Dhani personal loan app on your mobile from Google Play or App Store for free.
  • Enter your contact number to receive an OTP which has to be entered in the required space for verification.
  • After your number is verified, you will have to enter the required loan amount.
  • You will then be asked to enter some details about yourself, such as if you are salaried or self-employed, the sector wherein you are employed, the mode of receiving a salary, address details, PAN Card number, and so on.
  • After entering all the required details, your identity will be verified.
  • Then the approved loan amount will be directly transferred to your bank account within a few minutes.
  • You can also use the Dhani app for making online Dhani Loan payments, managing and tracking the loan account, and repaying outstanding amounts.

Features and Benefits

Borrowers can avail of loans of up to Rs.15 lakh through this app and the amount will be disbursed directly into the account of the applicant.

  • To avail of loans through Dhani, all you need to do is to verify your identity (with the help of Aadhaar and address proof). If you are found to be eligible, the loan will be sanctioned and disbursed to your account in just 3 minutes.
  • Dhani being a mobile application can be operated on your smartphone anytime, anywhere, and thus it gives you the freedom to request and receive a personal loan even while you are traveling.
  • Dhani Loans and Services not only allows you to get an instant personal loan at the time of need, but it also enables you to manage and track the loan account, pay your outstanding dues, and several other things through your smartphone.

Documents Required to Apply for Dhani Loans

  • PAN Card
  • Proof of Address
  • Bank Credentials
  • There is no need for borrowers to submit the above documents physically. Instead, these documents can be uploaded directly through the mobile or web application.

Eligibility for Dhani Personal Loans

  • Individuals aged 21 years and above
  • Should be salaried or self-employed
  • Must be an Indian citizen

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