Pradhan Mantri Digital Health Mission 2023: Health ID Card, Apply Online

What is PM Digital Health Mission 2023 (PM Digital Health Mission) Unique Health ID Card, how the card works, online application, registration, eligibility, document, site, helpline number (PM Digital Health Mission, Unique Health ID Card, Apply Online, (Eligibility, Documents, Helpline number)

Focusing on public health is a critical issue for both central and state governments. The Central Government has launched multiple schemes to increase public health awareness and promote healthy living. Our discussion today will revolve around the new scheme recently introduced by the Prime Minister.

Introducing the Pradhan Mantri Digital Health Mission, a program that gives citizens of India a distinct identity. This program will provide maximum benefits to the public as they will not need medical reports or receipts to seek treatment from anywhere in the country.

The health card will contain all the relevant medical data without the need to link it to the Aadhaar card. This article will outline the important aspects of the Pradhan Mantri Digital Health Mission scheme and how it can benefit the general public.

PM Digital Health Mission 2023

Scheme Name : Pradhan Mantri Digital Health Mission Scheme
Government : Central Govt
Department : Health and Family Welfare
Helpline : It is not yet confirmed.
Beneficiary : All Indians
Type of Plan : Centrally Planned

What is the PM Digital Health Mission? (What is PM Digital Health Mission)

Through Pradhan Mantri Digital Health Mission Yojana, individuals in India will be given a unique identification number. This identifier will contain all relevant medical information about the individual. Regardless of where a person receives healthcare within the country, there is no need to carry any forms or documents. All necessary data will be included in their health card only.

The objective of the central government is to provide healthcare facilities to the entire population of the country through the use of technology. As part of the scheme, people will be offered a 14-digit digital health ID, and what sets it apart is that Aadhaar card linking is not mandatory. This program can be seen as a comprehensive solution to the various needs of the health sector.

PM Digital Health Science Schemes (Features)

The Pradhan Mantri Digital Swasthya Yojana will provide a 14-digit unique identification number to every citizen.
Convenience of seeking medical assistance across the country without the hassle of carrying important health-related documents is made possible through the patient’s health card, which stores all relevant information.
This mission will prepare an electronic document.
The Digital Health Yojana launched by the Prime Minister will contribute to encouraging the use of electronic and digital platforms.
The average person will no longer have to bear additional healthcare costs due to this scheme.
Encouraging the implementation of digital technology in the healthcare industry is another important goal of this program.
How it Works Pradhan Mantri Digital Arogya Yojana
Four areas are emphasized under this scheme, which are as follows.

A unique digital health ID
Registry of Health Care Professionals
Registry of Health Facilities
and related atronics health records.

Achieving these four objectives will enable the government to establish a digital sector that can promote the provision of healthcare services. To get Personal ID, individuals are required to provide essential details like address, relatives, connections and means of communication.

In addition, the government wants to collect data on physicians practicing alternative medical techniques. This effort will lead to making a wide range of health care information available.

How to Create Health Record
For creating supporting documents, it is imperative to consider the following aspects:

A primary step involves the creation of a healthcare identification code.
After this, the individual’s health data will be obtained.
Before the information is added, the individual’s consent will be obtained and then associated with the Health ID.
The National Health Authority has announced that individuals will have the ability to monitor their health information through a personal health record system. This online tool aims to empower individuals to manage their own medical records.
This record will integrate lab reports along with health data, treatment details, discharge synopsis and other important medical information.
The mission aims to establish an electronic medical record that will serve as a comprehensive digital health chart for the patient.
A unified health interface can be enhanced with the help of electronic medical records.
Pradhan Mantri Digital Health Mission Eligibility
Prime Minister’s Digital Health Mission extends its benefits to individuals across India. Eligibility for this endeavor extends to every citizen residing in the country.

Prime Minister’s Digital Health Mission Documents
The government has not released any details about the files related to Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Mission Yojana. However, individuals can establish a unique identification code using their Aadhaar card or cellular phone number. Additional critical documents related to this matter will be made available by the government in the near future.

Official Website of Pradhan Mantri Digital Health Mission
Official website associated with Prime Minister’s Digital Health Mission by clicking on the link you provided

can access. Additionally, one can also visit the website of the National Health Authority to get the necessary information. The website contains detailed information about programs and schemes in the health sector.

Pradhan Mantri Digital Health Mission Application (How to Apply)
The government is expected to announce details of the Prime Minister’s Digital Health Mission application submission process and timeline. Despite the lack of information on the matter, it is expected that the process will begin soon. The first step is to generate a 14-digit unique identification number linked to the person’s Aadhaar card or mobile number.

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