e Samaj Kalyan Portal Registration 2023. How to register on e Samaj Kalyan portal?

Short Briefing: e-Samaj Kalyan Portal Gujarat Online Registration | How to Register on E-Samaj Kalyan Website | Check e-Samajkalyan application status e samaj kalyan user login | SJED Gujarat e-Samajkalyan | Registration NGO Login

Today, digital services and technology are increasing in the country and the world. Online Portal and Website have been launched by Gujarat Government and Central Government in many departments. Now, along with the online portal, the application forms of many schemes have also been made online. Like PM Kisan Yojana, PM Awas Yojana, Ayushman Bharat Yojana etc. In this case, many schemes offer online services.

Dear readers, today we will talk about Online Portal. The citizens of Gujarat want to benefit from various services sitting at home through the Government of Gujarat. In view of which Online Portal is launched by different departments. Like ikhedut Portal for farmers, e-Kutir Portal has been launched by Department of Cottage and Village Industries. Friends today through this article we will talk about E Samaj Kalyan Portal released by Department of Social Justice and Empowerment. We will get detailed information on how to fill online form on e Samaj Kalyan portal.

What is e-Samaj Kalyan Portal? Such a question will be in your mind. Friends This portal is created by Department of Social Justice and Empowerment. In which online applications of various departments can be done by the beneficiaries sitting at home. This portal is to bring administrative transparency.

Highlight Point of e Samaj Kalyan Portal

પોર્ટલનું નામઈ સમાજ કલ્યાણ પોર્ટલની યોજનાઓની યાદી
આર્ટિકલનું નામઈ સમાજ કલ્યાણ પોર્ટલ પર રજીસ્ટ્રેશન કેવી રીતે કરવું?
વિભાગનું નામSocial Justice And Empowerment Department Gujarat
અધિકૃત વેબસાઈટ  
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અધિકૃત વેબસાઈટ
Purpose of creating e Social Welfare Portal

The English name of Social Justice and Empowerment Department of Gujarat Government is Social Justice & Empowerment Department (Government Of Gujarat). Its function is to implement welfare schemes for backward classes like Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Castes, Socially and Economically Backward Classes, Minority Communities, Physically and Mentally Handicapped Persons.

Foster parents scheme for orphans is implemented by this department. “Vriddha Sahay Yojana” has been implemented to help destitute persons, beggars and elderly persons. Economic development and empowerment of all of them. e-Samajkalyan Portal is created for educational schemes, economic welfare schemes, health and housing schemes or all other backward class upliftment schemes. By which the details of the aims and objectives for the beneficiaries are as follows.

● Making services available as close as possible to the beneficiaries’ homes through the e-samaj kalyan portal.

● Making services affordable.

● e-Samajkalyan Website is designed to ensure timely availability of services.

● Creating transparency in services.

● Making services more cost effective.

Sections connected to esamajkalyan Portal

Run by Social Justice & Empowerment Department (Government of Gujarat). The Gujarat e-Samajkalyan Registration Online [SJED] website is covered by four (4) sections. Schemes of these departments are included in the e-samaj kalyan portal. Which are as follows.

ક્રમવિભાગનું નામ1નિયામક અનુસૂચિત જાતિ ક્લ્યાણ બોર્ડ (Director Scheduled Cast Welfare)2નિયામક વિકસતી જાતિ કલ્યાણ (Director Developing Castes Welfare)3નિયામક સમાજ સુરક્ષા (Director Social Defense)4 ગુજરાત સફાઈ કામદાર વિકાસ નિગમ (Gujarat Safai Kamdar Development Corporation)

અગત્યની લિંકો

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How to Registration e Samaj kalyan Portal

We will get step by step information on how to do it on the e Samaj Kalyan portal through this article. Which are as follows.

Step-1 Website URL

Click on URL to open e-Samaj kalyan website Gujarat. Then click on Please Register Here link to register on e-SamajKalyan Portal.

Step-2 Registration

Through this format you can do e-Samaj kalyan gujarat online registration. All information marked with “*” (red mark) in the format is mandatory.

  1. Write the applicant’s full name (as per Aadhaar card).
  2. Select Applicant’s Gender (Male/Female).
  3. Select the date of birth of the applicant.
  4. Enter the applicant’s Aadhaar card number.
  5. Enter Applicant’s Email ID (if any).
  6. Select the caste of the applicant.
  7. Enter the mobile number of the applicant.
  8. Enter your password to login to the e-Samaj Kalyan portal.
  9. Retype the password.
  10. After checking all your information click on Register button.

Step-3 How to login.
To login to the e-Samajkalyan portal, fill in your UserID and Password and the details of the given Image (Captcha Code) and click the Login button.

Step-4 To update User Profile
After logging in for the first time in the e-samajkalyan portal other personal information and details of the applicant have to be filled. And all the information marked with “*” must be filled.

e samaj login | esamajkalyan. Gujarat. gov. in | e samaj
samaj kalyan
Image Credit:- Government Official Website (
In the photo given above, the information of number 1,3,5,6,7 and 9 will show the information filled as per the information filled at the time of registration. And 11 number will show if the Email ID information is written at the time of registration.

  1. Writing full name of the applicant (As Per Aadhar Card) (can be changed before filling the first form of any scheme)
  2. Write the applicant’s full name (in Gujarati).
  3. Aadhar card number of the applicant (Aadhar card number cannot be changed)
  4. Write the full name of applicant’s father/husband.
  5. Select the date of birth of the applicant. (Any scheme can be changed before filling the first form.)
  6. Enter the mobile number of the applicant.
  7. Select the gender of the applicant. (Any scheme can be changed before filling the first form.)
  8. Select the subcaste of the applicant.
  9. Select Applicant’s Gender (Male/Female). (Any scheme can be changed before filling the first form.)
  10. Select “Yes” or select “No” if physically disabled.
  11. Enter the Email ID (if any).
  12. Write the phone number (if any)..
  13. Upload the photo of the applicant.
  14. Select Disability Status (Fill information if Disability.)
  15. Write the percentage of disability ((Fill information if disability.)
  16. Filling the details of present address of the applicant.
  17. Filling the details of permanent address of the applicant.
  18. Fill all the details and click on Update button.

Note- You can change the information except the number 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 at any time by going to the View Profile menu.

Step-5 Home Page Caste wise schemes
After logging in to e-samajkalyan website for the first time (after filling the applicant’s other personal details) your caste wise schemes will appear on the home page. The list of schemes of e Samaj Kalyan Portal will appear.

Kunwar Bai Nu Mameru Yojana, Foreign Study Loan, Manav Garima Yojana, Palak Mata-Pita Yojana, Mai Ramabai Ambedakar Saat Phera Samuh Lagna on e samaj kalyan website Gujarat Yojana etc. many schemes are running. You have to click on the scheme for which you want to apply. So automatically information about the plan will open in another page.

Step-6 Scheme Application Page-1 (Application for Scheme Tab-1)

● All information in this page (written in User Profile format) will be filled manually.

● 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 number information can be changed.

● Fill all the information in the above given photo and click on Save & Next button (1 done in red color).

● If you don’t want to fill this form now, click on the Cancel button (red color 2).

Step-7 Scheme Application Page-2 (Application for Scheme Tab-2)

● Mandatory filling of all the details related to the scheme in the above given photo. And all the information marked with “” ( marked) must be filled.

● Fill all the information in the above given photo and click on Save & Next button (1 done in red color).

● If you don’t want to fill this form now, click on the Cancel button (red color 2).

Step-8 Scheme Application Page-3 (Application for Scheme Tab-3)

● The applicant has to upload his document related to the scheme in this page as per the photo given above. And all the documents marked with “” ( red mark) must be uploaded compulsorily. (Whichever document number is to be written.)

● Fill all the information in the above given photo and click on Save & Next button (1 done in red color).

● If you don’t want to fill this form now, click on the Cancel button (red color 2).

Step-9 Application for Scheme Page-4 (Application for Scheme Tab-4)

● Read the terms and conditions regarding the scheme application and click on the (1) number and then click on the Save Application button (2).

● If you don’t want to fill this form now, click on the Cancel button (red color 3).

● After clicking on Save Application button (2) a new page will open as below which will have your application number of the scheme which is required to note down the application number for further process.

● If you want to print the application details then click on “Print Application” button.

Step-10 Application Print of the Scheme

After SJED Gujarat e-Samajkalyan Online Registration, you will receive a printout of your plan application as follows which should be preserved.

Step-11 Application List

After applying online on the e-Samaj Kalyan website of the Social Justice & Empowerment Department, you can take a printout, make corrections in the application.

● To view the details of your application click on View Application (1 circled in red) in that application line.

● Click on Application Print (2 circled in red color) to print the application.

● If it has been returned from your district office, click on the correction button. (Amend and resubmit as per the notes (corrections) suggested by the district office.)

Step-12 e Samaj Kalyan Status
e-samaj kalyan portal Click here to know your application status.

● Enter the application number of the scheme for which you want to know the application status of the scheme. (Red Mark No-1)

● Write your date of birth. (Red Mark No-2)

● To view your application status, after entering all the details, click on View Status red mark number-3) button.

● Clicking on View Status button will show the status of your application on the screen.

● Click on Clear (1) button if you want to view the status of another plan.

Director, Development Caste Welfare Online Application for Coaching Assistance Scheme for the year 2023-24 has been launched.
Under the year 2023-24, Coaching Assistance Schemes have been launched by the Director, Vikushti Jati Kalyan, Gujarat. Online applications for these schemes have to be made through the e-Samaj Kalyan portal.

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