Slot Booking for Driving License in Gujarat | How to do slot booking for driving license?

Appointment Booking for Driving Licence: Different documents are created in India. In which PAN Card has been created for Income Tax. So the use of election card becomes useful as proof of voting and other residence. But for those who want to drive, driving license is a very important document. You can apply online for the license and you can also know the license status. We will get information about driving license. In which we will know the complete details of how to do Slot Booking for driving License in Gujarat.

Slot Booking for Driving Licence in Gujarat

If you don’t have driving license and you can apply for driving license online. All the process has to be done online. In which you need to book the slot twice. First, you will give Computer Exam for Learning license, at this time you will need Appointment (Slot) slot book. For which the driving license exam has to be prepared from the book.

Secondly, you have to do slot book even when you are going to take the test. First, when you apply for a learner’s license, first apply for the necessary documents and prepare for the computer exam. To get Learning License you must pass computer exam. The learning license is valid for 6 months. After learning license you have to go to RTO and give driving skill test. Let’s now how to book a slot for Learning License and how to make an appointment for driving test in Gujarat? Get complete information about it.

Highlight Point of Slot Booking for driving License

આર્ટિકલનું નામડ્રાઈવીંગ લાઈસન્‍સ માટે સ્લોટ બુકીંગ કેવી રીતે કરવો?
વિભાગનું નામવાહન અને વ્યવહાર વિભાગ
કેવી રીતે સ્લોટ બુકિંગ થાયઓનલાઈન પદ્ધતિ દ્વારા
અધિકૃત વેબસાઇટ
લાઈસન્‍સ માટે સીધી લિંકઅહિં ક્લિક કરો.
How to Booking of Slot(Appointment) for Driving Licence Test Gujarat

If you are filling license form at home then this article is very useful for you. Dear readers, if you want to give computer test in driving license then you have to book an appointment. And after passing the computer test, you have to book a separate slot for Driving Test Skill. All this process can be done through the website The step by step information of which is as follows.

First you have to type “Sathi Parivahan” in Google Search and open it.

There will be a box on its home page, select Gujarat in it.
Now a new window will open.
You can see a menu called Appointment in it, click on it.

Now the menu will be seen in the Header. Click on Slot Booking written in it.
If you want to do slot booking for learning license then click on “LLTest Slot Booking”.

But today we talk about Driving License then click on “DL Test Slot Booking”.
Now you will be asked for either “Application Number” or “Learner License Number”.

In which suppose, if you choose the option with Application Number, you have to enter 1. Application Number, 2. Applicant Date of Birth and 3. Verification Code.

After entering the verification code you have to select your vehicle type and click on “Process to Book”.
Now select Date and Time according to your convenience and click on Book Slot.

An OTP will be generated on the mobile number you have entered while filling the online form. You have to enter that One Time Password and click on Submit.

All information of your slot will come after your OTP is verified.
After verifying the information click on “Confirm to Slot Book”.

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