Earn Millions of Commissions from Post Office Franchise, 8 Passes Can Apply

You can get commission of lakhs of rupees through post office franchise. Every person who has passed 8 can apply to take post office. To know all information from how to apply for post office franchise to how to earn commission of lakhs of rupees, read this post till the end.

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  • Earn money from post office franchise
  • What is India Post Franchise Model (Post Office Franchise)
  • These services and products will be available at the post office
  • How is the selection done?
  • Who cannot take a franchise
  • How can you earn?
  • This is how to apply
  • How much will be charged?

Earn money from post office franchiseIf you want to start your business then you can take post office franchise, for this you have to deposit 5000 rupees in post office. How can you start this business, how much money can you earn, who is eligible for this franchise? Let’s know all this in detail.

India Post Office Franchise:

There are 1 lakh 55 thousand post offices across the country, yet the demand for post offices remains constant, because people need post offices to do many things. If you want, you can earn a lot of income by joining post office and you can overcome this drawback.India Post is giving this opportunity, in which you can start your business by taking India Post Office Franchise. 

Even if you are less educated, the postal department will give you an opportunity to open a post office franchise, from which they can earn a good amount of money. Come, find out what this opportunity is and how you can earn.

India Post Franchise Model What is Post Office Franchise? India Post has recently devised a franchise model, under which the general public is invited to open a franchise outlet. In this, from individual to organization, organization franchise can be taken. You can open an India Post outlet even if you are already doing business.Apart from this, newly started urban townships, special economic zones, newly started industrial centres, colleges, polytechnics, universities, professional colleges etc. can also take up franchise work. A form has to be submitted for taking post office franchise. Selected candidates will have to sign an MoU with the department. The person should be at least 18 years of age. Also he should have atleast 8th pass.

These services and products will be available at the post office stamps and stationery; Booking of Registered Articles, Speed ​​Post Articles, Money Orders However, money orders below Rs.100 will not be booked. Will act as an agent for Postal Life Insurance (PLI), as well as collection of premiums like after-sales service related thereto. Marketing of such products for which the department has hired or tied up with a corporate agency.

How is the selection done? The post office franchisee is selected by the concerned departmental head. Selection is based on ASP/sDl report within 14 days from the date of receipt of application. Permission to open a franchise is not available in such Gram Panchayats, where a Panchayat Sanchar Seva Kendra is present under the Panchayat Sanchar Seva Yojana scheme.

Who cannot take a franchise Family members of post office employees cannot take franchise in the same department where they are working. However, family members, including the employee’s spouse, true and step children, and those dependent on or living with the postal employee, can take up the franchise.

How can you earn? Franchisees earn from commissions on postal services. This commission is fixed in the MoU. There is a commission of Rs 3 on booking of registered article, Rs 5 on booking of speed post article, Rs 3.50 on booking of money order of Rs 100 to Rs 200, Rs 5 on money order above Rs 200. 20% additional commission on booking more than 1000 articles of registry and speed post per month. 5% of sale amount on sale of postage stamps, postal stationery and money order forms. 40 percent of postal department earnings on retail services including sale of revenue stamps, central recruitment fee stamps etc.

This is how to apply If you want to take up an India Post Office franchise, you can get information about it from the main post office in the city. You can apply for a franchise by filling a form here. After this you can operate your account online. For this you have to click on Register in the home page of India Post. After which different options will come. You can maintain the account belonging to you by selecting franchise option in it.

How much will be charged?By the way, only 5000 rupees has to be deposited as security for this. Apart from this, you have to invest 1 to 2 lakh rupees, which also includes the purchase of India Post products. The condition of India Post is that you have to sell around 50 thousand rupees per month.

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