Forms of Atmanirbhar Sahai Yojana will be available from today, know who gets this loan and how

Self-help loans have been announced by the government. Forms for loans will be available from today. Small traders including small shopkeepers, barbers, tailors, plumbers, electricians can get loans from Co-operative Bank.

The form will be available in Co-operative Bank only
Small shopkeepers, barbers, tailors can get loans
Small traders like plumbers, electricians will get loans

1 lakh loan assistance under Atmanirbhar

A loan of one lakh rupees will be given by the government under self-help aid. The loan will be given by the bank at an interest rate of 8 percent. In which 6 percent interest will be paid by the government. While the customer has to pay only 2 percent interest. Also after 6 months EMI of the loan will start.

Loan up to how much rupees?

Loans up to one lakh rupees can be availed under Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana.

How much interest has to be paid?

The borrower has to pay only two percent interest. Six percent interest on the loan will be paid by the government.

Who can get loan?

Barbers, washermen, plumbers, small grocery shops, street vendors, auto drivers etc. doing small business will get benefit.

From what date will the form be distributed?

Distribution of application form for this scheme called Atmanirbhar Gujarat will be started from 21st May.

Where can I get the form?

Forms will be available from a total of 9000 places including 1000 District Co-operative Bank branches, 1,400 Urban Co-operative Banks, 7,000 Credit Co-operative Societies in the state.

Till which date the form can be filled?

Small traders or businessmen who wish to take advantage of this scheme have to fill the form and return it to the branches by 31st August.

What are the fees to be paid?

No fee will be charged for the form. No commission is charged for sanctioning the loan either.

What has to be given as a guarantee?

The applicant does not have to give any guarantee for taking loan under this scheme. Only the certificates decided by the government have to be given.

How to pay off the loan?

No installments will have to be paid in the first six months of getting the loan. Later the loan will have to be repaid in installments

What is the purpose of giving a loan?

This scheme has been started with the aim of helping small traders and artisans recover quickly after Corona

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