Get old land records now in mobile 7/

Get old land records in mobile

Currently, the land record system has been developed online by the revenue department of the state government. Get old land records in mobile, which is known as Gujarat E Dhara, which is currently being approved by the central government which has also been praised. It can be called a very important decision of the state government as one can get samples of one’s own land at home. This decision is said for the interest of farmers. Now farmers can download Land Record Sample 7/12 and 8-A etc.

Land Record System Online

Whichever Land Record System Online is developed in which the QR code will be placed on the copy. Get the old records of land in mobile, so that any person or organization can check it online. The state government has implemented schemes like i-ORA portal so that the citizens of the state can get all the basics of revenue service very easily and maintain transparency. So that time and money can be saved.

AnyRoR Portal Gujarat Information

Get DIgital Signed copy from AnyRoR or i-ORA portal
To get land records first visit AnyRoR ( or i-ORA ( portal. AnyRoR or i-ORA portal where click on Land Record-Rural appearing on the fourth number. Clicking there will open various things. Select and download the details as required.

Follow below to get 7/12 and 8-A pattern online
First visit AnyRoR ( or i-ORA ( portal.

Click on Digitally Signed RoR Digitally Signed village sample number displayed on main page of AnyRoR or i-ora portal.
Enter your mobile number.
By entering the captcha code that appears in the box below and if the captcha code is not understood, then clicking on the Refresh button will show the new captcha code again.
Then click on Generate OTP and wait, the verification code will be sent to the mobile number we have entered.

  • When the verification code comes in the mobile, enter it in the Textbox and then click on Login.
  • When TME login form to get Digitally Signed village sample will open.
  • In which forum the farmer has to select the details of sample number of the village in which Agam Taluk, District. Select the survey number, block number, account number, note number and click on ADD VILLAGE FORM.
  • Create a list by clicking on the Add Village form as per all the details mentioned above.
  • After creating such a list, check the sample village list and click on Proceed For Payment.
  • And if we find any mistake or want to make any correction, then the form can be canceled by clicking on Cancel Request.
  • And if the information you have entered is correct, then click on “Pay Amount” and pay the required amount online.
  • Note:- A) Fee for village sample is to be paid online only. B) Before paying the amount online, carefully read the instructions mentioned on the main page of the portal regarding online payment.
  • After making the payment, the digital village sample number will be displayed on the screen to download. In which the digital village sample can be downloaded by clicking on “Download RoR”.
  • Note:- 1) If the digital village sample number may not have been generated after paying the amount, then the digital village sample number has to be generated by clicking on “Generate RoR”.
  • The digital village sample number will be available for download in your login for 24 hours. After that the login will be cancelled.
  • Digital Gam Namuna Number has a digital sign. Which is considered as certified true copy by the State Govt.
  • By scanning the QR Code shown in the Digital Village sample number, any person or organization can verify the authenticity of the server copy.

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