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Good news for farmers : Invest 50 rupees in this scheme and get a return of 35 lakhs, apply like this

Good news for farmers: Post office keeps coming up with many new schemes and most of its schemes are well liked by people, as they give good profit to people. Today we are telling you about a special scheme of such post office. This scheme has come especially for the villagers. Its name is Post Office Gram Suraksha Yojana. This scheme is very famous. It helps rural people economically and socially. The most important thing is that you have to invest only 50 rupees per day and you will get great returns on it.

How to get the benefit of Gram Suraksha Yojana-How to get the benefit of Gram Suraksha Yojana

50 rupees per day i.e. 1500 rupees per month has to be invested in it. After which the return of 31 lakh to 35 lakh rupees is received in this scheme. If the investor dies at the age of 80, his nominee gets the entire amount along with the bonus.

Who can apply?

Any Indian citizen between 19 years to 55 years can invest in Gram Suraksha Yojana. A minimum of Rs 1000 to Rs 10 lakh can be invested in it. Several options are also provided to pay the premium. Investors can pay installments monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually.

When will you get the money?

The investor gets 31 lakh 60 thousand rupees in 55 years. 33 lakh 40 thousand rupees in 58 and 34.60 lakh rupees in 60 years and full amount is handed over on completion of 80 years.

The loan is available after four years

You can also get a loan after buying a Gram Suraksha policy. Loan can be availed after 4 years from the date of policy purchase. Apart from this, if the premium is ever missed during the policy term, you can resume it by paying the outstanding premium amount.

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