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This scheme will make the owner 16 lakh rupees in just 10 years, visit the nearest post office now

This scheme will make you an owner of Rs 16 lakh in just 10 years : Post Office Scheme 2023: If you are looking for a scheme that will give you good returns in a short period of time, then your search ends here. Because after joining the recurring deposit scheme of Post Office (Post Office), you can create a huge fund of 16 lakh rupees in just 10 years. Not only this, after joining this scheme, post office also provides you with many other benefits. Also, your investment is completely risk free. Because, Post Office is not an organization based on share market.

You can open an account with 100 rupees

Let us tell you that you can start investing in Post Office Recurring Deposit Scheme by opening an account for just 100 rupees. If you also want to earn more rupees with less rupees then this scheme can be an option for you. There is also a facility for subscribers who invest in the scheme, that you can withdraw Rs even after 5 years. However, the period for full maturity is only 10 years. According to the information, you get interest at the rate of 5.8 percent in the recurring deposit scheme.

16 lakh rupees will be obtained in this way in 10 years

If you want to build a big fund of 16 lakhs, you have to invest 10,000 rupees every month. If you deposit 10 thousand rupees every month, 12 lakh rupees will be deposited in 10 years. On which you will get Rs 16,26,476 on maturity after earning interest at the rate of 5.8 percent. If you withdraw in 5 years, your amount will be reduced.

Special thing

If for any reason you do not pay the EMI for 4 months, your account will be closed. Some penalty has to be paid on restart. Also, you can reinvest only after submitting some necessary documents. For more information, you must visit the nearest post office office.

This scheme will make the owner 16 lakh rupees in just 10 years

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