Government will get support : Now the CMO will be direct WhatsApp number announced

Government will get support

Citizens in Gujarat have some problems. It often happens that people continue to harass government offices, but there is no solution. In this way, direct contact can be made with the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Now complaints can be made directly to the CMO. A WhatsApp number has been announced to contact CMO. Watching this will remind you of Anil Kapoor’s film Nayak, in which people interact with the director, the chief minister.

CMO will be contacted directly

As soon as any citizen sends a message to this number, an auto-generated message pops up in response: ‘Thank you for registering with CMO Gujarat and agreeing to receive notifications using WhatsApp. We request you to save this number. If you want to stop communication through this channel you can reply with “STOP” at any time.’

Looking at this reply message on the Chief Minister’s office’s WhatsApp business account, it seems that whoever sent the message will receive a communication from the Chief Minister’s office.


Now the citizens of Gujarat will be able to directly communicate with the Chief Minister. Citizens will be able to connect with Chief Minister’s office social media. A WhatsApp number has been announced to connect with the Chief Minister’s office. Anyone can contact the Chief Minister’s office through this WhatsApp number. WhatsApp number 7030930344 has been announced by CM.

The Chief Minister gave the directive

However, earlier, CM Bhupendra Patel has given clear directions to the district collectors and administration officials of the state to develop effective procedures at the district level so that even the common man does not have to come to the state level for solving his problems. or complaints. He gave this direction in reference to the presentations of the applicants in the first state-level ‘Welcome’ program of the new government after taking charge of the state government for the second consecutive term as Chief Minister.

Thus the problems of the citizens will be solved

Importantly, Bhupendra Patel is often seen making surprise visits to villages and understanding people’s problems. Then another step has been taken to make it easier for people to send queries and complaints to their office. Then it remains to be seen whether the complaints made through the WhatsApp number are resolved. Because, people are sitting waiting for the resolution of many complaints reaching the Chief Minister’s office. So, there is a public discussion that it is important to make it easy to file a complaint and get the resolution of that complaint immediately.

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