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Digital Gujarat Common Services portal provides 33 online services to citizens of Gujarat if you agree to registration then apply and register online for 33 services by selecting Aadhaar number, date of birth, mobile number, e-mail id, your password.

The State Government is determined to alleviate the hardships faced by the Voluntary-Service Organizations and Public Trusts in the State. For this, another concrete step has been taken to create a digital Gujarat by combining the work done by the Commissioner’s office of the state government’s charity system with the means of technology. Get online services of Gujarat government at home 2023 Get 33 online government services at home Gujarat Government has launched Digital Gujarat Common Services Portal and Digital Gujarat Mobile Android Application Digital Gujarat.

Digital Gujarat Portal

An important step in technology

The whole world enhances the well-being of people by creating new technological devices. India is also making every effort to increase the use of e-Governance to increase the coverage of public services, to make the entire process transparent.

So that the people of the country can save time, energy and money in availing the civic services. Keeping this objective in mind, NSAP Portal, Digital India, GSWAN Network, PFMS Portal, Scholarship Portal etc. are implemented by Government of India. Similarly, Gujarat Government has also launched Digital Gujarat Official Portal.

General services available

Ration card
Senior citizen
Caste Certificate
Other services

Basic 33 services

  • Application for New Ration Card (Ration Card).
  • Application for Separate Ration Card (Ration Card).
  • Application for Duplicate Ration Card (Duplicate Ration Card)
  • Application for Ration Card Member Guardian (Ration Card).
  • Domicile Certificate (Domicile Certificate)
  • Senior Citizen Certificate (Senior Citizen Certificate)
  • Character Certificate (variable if applicable)
  • Religious Minority Certificate (Proof of Caste Minority)
  • Widow Certificate (Widow Interventions)
  • Economically Backward Certificate (other than for employment/education purpose) (EBC Certificate)
  • Non-Creamy Layer Certificate (Non Creamy Layer Certificate) for Gujarat Govt.
  • Addition of Name in Ration Card
  • Removal of Name from Ration Card (Adding Name to Ration Card)
  • Change in ration card (resan kard badlvu)
  • Religious Minority Certificate (Panchayat) (Proof of Caste Minority)
  • Widow Certificate (Panchayat) (Widow Interference)
  • SC/ST Caste Certificate (Panchayat) (sc st no dakhlo)
  • Non-Creamy Layer Certificate (Non Creamy Layer Certificate) for Central Govt.
  • Unreserved Economically Weaker Sections (For Employment/Education Purpose) (UEWS)
  • Income Certificate (Interference of Income)
  • Farmer Certificate (Eligible for Farmer Note)
  • SEBC Certificate (SEBC Certificate)
  • Socially and Educationally Backward Class Certificate (SEBC)
  • SC/ST caste certificate (sc st no dakhlo)
  • Application for Rainfall Certificate (Varshai Pramanpatra).
  • Renewal of Arms License for Crop Protection (Arms License)
  • Cinema License (Entertainment Certificate)
  • Economically Backward Certificate (Panchayat) (Other than Employment/Educational Purpose) (EBC)
  • Income Certificate (Panchayat) (Interference of Income)
  • Details of VF6 entry (6 entries in farmer account)
  • No details of VF7 survey (farmer account 7 records)
  • VF8A Khata Details
  • Electricity Bill Payment (Electricity Bill)
  • Nomad-Denotified Caste Certificate (NDC)
  • Non-Creamy Layer Certificate for Government of Gujarat (Panchayat).
  • SEBC Certificate (Panchayat) (SEBC Certificate)

33 Benefits of Online Government Services

All services are accessible through a single interface.
A wide range of services are available, from civic services to scholarship programs.
From tourism to scholarships and civic services, this portal has got it all.
Everything is done online, and services are delivered quickly.
Availability of online services in a single click.

How to register on the portal

Visit Digital Gujarat Portal
If you are a new user of Digital Gujarat site, you must first register to access all government services. Then, under New User Registration, select the “Register” option.
Enter your Aadhaar number, date of birth, phone number, email address, password and captcha code on the registration page to create your profile.
After you fill all the information, select the “Save” button.
After completing the registration process your citizen profile will be created, and then you will be able to access all the features of this portal.

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