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If you want to become a millionaire, you will earn 1 crore from one acre

The condition of farmers in India is very bad. Most of the farmers are in debt due to crop failure. Due to low annual income, farmers are unable to meet their needs. Although the government is trying to increase the income of the farmers through various schemes.

According to the information, there are many crops and plants, by cultivating which farmers can become financially strong. One of these trees is Saag. There is a huge demand for Saag wood in the market. This is the reason why farmers get good price for it. According to analysts, if a farmer plants this tree in his field, he can earn a profit of crores in a few years.

The wood of the Saag tree is very strong. Furniture made from it lasts for years. This wood does not even get scratched. That is why this wood is used in windows of houses, ships, boats, doors etc.

Plant a greens tree anytime of the year – Greens can be cultivated anywhere in India. The months of September and October are considered suitable for its planting. However, it can be grown anytime throughout the year. According to experts, the pH value of soil between 6.50 to 7.50 is considered suitable for planting greens. If you cultivate greens in this soil then your tree will grow well and soon.

If you are expecting to become a millionaire and millionaire instantly by farming greens then don’t do this at all. The process of making profit from greens is a long one. It is very important to maintain the Saag tree well for the first three years. If you maintain it in the beginning then you will get huge profits in the coming days.

In how many years does the tree get ready – You will have to wait for at least 10-12 years for the Saag tree to be ready. In such a situation, you can also plant other crops around the greens wood. This will reduce the cost of cultivation of greens and increase the profit.

Profit worth crores – According to analysts, if a farmer plants 500 green trees in one acre, he can sell it after 10-12 years for about Rs 1 crore. If we talk about the cost of a tree, then it is easily sold for 30-40 thousand rupees. In such a situation, the cost of the tree also increases. By planting trees in more acres you can earn profit of crores.

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