Make a profit plan in the new year , keep an eye on where the money will come from.

Investment planning

Before investing in the market in the new year, there are some special things to keep in mind. Let’s know which event to watch for investment.

Investment planning

If you want to create a great portfolio in the new year, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. You should plan your portfolio by following some such important events throughout the year. By doing this, you can make a profit for yourself in any kind of market in the new year and make your place even amidst this uncertainty of the market.

For this we have with us Harshvardhan Rungta, CEO of Rungta Securities and Vikas Puri, West Zone Head of Complete Circle Consults, who will give you investment mantras in the new year.

Where are you looking in 2023?

• Rising inflation
• Rising interest rates
•Geo-political tensions
• Global recession

What should be the preparations for 2023?

•Emergency fund
•Insurance (life, health)
•Debt free living
•Asset allocation strategy

How to keep an emergency fund?

•Fund for at least 6 months •Keep the money you need in a liquid fund •Don’t worry about returns in an emergency fund
•Invest in Bank FD, Ultra Short Duration Fund

How much is the insurance?

• Have a base policy of at least ₹5 lakh
•Add Personal Accident, Critical Illness Plan
• Top-up, super top suitable for increasing the plan
•Include family members in the family floater
•Keep at least 30 times the term plan income

Merge debts

•Loans have become expensive in an era of rising interest rates
•Home loan increased from 6.5% to 8.5% in 1 year
• EMI is expected to rise further
•Prepay loan on receipt of bonus, lump sum
•If you have taken a personal loan, pay it off first
•Try to pay extra EMI every year

Strategy in Equity

• 50% in Largecap, 30% in Midcap, 20% in Value Scheme
•Invest in equity through SIP or STP
•Do not close an ongoing SIP in a downturn in the market
•Rupee cost averaging benefits through SIP in a falling market

Investment in gold

2023 can earn good from gold

Demand for safe investment in gold will increase

•10-15% can be invested in gold
•Sovereign Gold Bond, Gold ETF, Gold Fund Options

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