Business idea : Want to do your own business? Check out the superhit business list

Business idea

If you want to quit your job and start a business, the best option for you is a franchise. By using the brand name of another company through a franchisee, you can start its branch in your state. For this you have to enter into an agreement with that company and pay a fee for the same. Apart from this you can earn good profit by doing other small businesses along with farming. In today’s article we are telling you about top 10 business. Which you can start for more income.

Amul Franchise

Amul is a company whose products people blindly trust. Investing in such a situation is beneficial. Amul franchise can be taken in two ways.

  • Amul Preferred Outlet or Amul Railway Parlor or Kiosk – For this you have to invest around 2 lakh rupees.
  • Amul Ice Cream Scooping Parlor – Running an Amul Ice Cream Scooping Parlor business can cost around 6 lakh rupees.

Post Office Franchise

Get the form from the official website of the post office and submit it at the nearest post office. For a franchisee, the age should be at least 18 years and no person in the family should be in the post office department. A post office outlet franchise is cheaper than a postal agent. Have to invest up to 10 thousand. Which is in the form of security amount. Essential items will cost at least ₹40 to ₹50 thousand. For post office franchise business, MOU certificate should be from nearest post office.

Patanjali Franchise

First of all, you have to register your company firm, whether it is a partnership or your sole proprietorship. After that the GST number has to be taken. And then investment investment will be required. Space will be required for office and warehouse. An investment of 4-5 lakh rupees will be required to open a Patanjali Gramin Arogya Kendra. And to open a Patanjali hospital in a village or taluka, one has to invest 50 thousand to 5 lakh rupees. Apart from this you can also become a distributor of Patanjali.

Solar Panel Business

A solar/solar panel professional surveys the site for potential installation, plans the step-up of solar panels for the site, negotiates the cost of the entire system with the customer, and installs the unit. This business includes new panel maintenance. , panel positioning and panel repair work, also requires structured manpower with good skills in this field.


If you are a farmer you can start a YouTube channel. In this, you can provide information related to agriculture. Or you can blog while farming, people also like to watch videos related to rural lifestyle. From which good income is generated.

Flour mill business

Business can be started in two ways. If you start on a small scale, license and registration are not required, but if you start on a large scale, license and registration will be required. Government will help in opening business. It will cost around 50 thousand to 1 lakh, so one can earn a lot of money every month.

Agricultural Equipment Centre

Custom Hiring Center Minimum Rs. 10 lakhs and a maximum of Rs. Can be opened at a cost of up to 25 lakhs. Government will get grant for opening customs hiring center. For this you have to apply and tell in which district you want to open a center. Selection will be done by lottery as per requirement. You can earn good profit by renting out agricultural equipment.

Photocopy shop

A trade license and GST registration are required to open a shop. If you don’t have your own room. So the shop has to be rented. About 18000 photocopy machines will be available. Computers with less RAM and less configuration will be available up to 20,000 or 25000. Lamination machine and other machines together will cost 50,000 to 55,000. Which is not very expensive. Profit will also be good.

the bakery

Bakery business can be done in 3 ways. Home bakery, bakery cafe and delivery kitchen. Location is very important for opening a bakery shop. In order to open a bakery shop some paper work has to be done and some licenses are also required. Like Food License, GSR Registration, NOC from Fire Station and Health License. It takes a lot of money to open a shop. The more money you invest the better the shop will be.

Kiosk Bank

All earnings in Kiosk Bank are on commission basis. You can earn 25 to ₹30000 or more per month if the kiosk center is well run. There are certain qualifications required to open a Kiosk Bank, such as – The applicant should belong to the same locality. Where he wants to open a customer service center of Kiosk Bank. Applicant should have at least 12th pass and have good knowledge of computer or computer certificate.

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