Manav Kalyan Yojana, Online Apply Form, Status 2023

Manav Kalyan Yojana 2023, Online Apply Form, Status Check, Registration, List, Eligibility, Documents, Official Website, Helpline Number (Manav Kalyan Yojana Gujarat)

The Gujarat government has launched several schemes for the benefit of all its citizens. One such scheme is the Manav Kalyan Yojana, which aims to provide economic progress and development to backward and poverty-stricken communities. Under this scheme, the government provides tools and equipment to people whose earnings are less than 15 thousand, thus they can start their work and have their own employment opportunity. In this article, we will discuss Manav Kalyan Yojana 2023, its eligibility criteria, benefits and required documents.

Manav Kalyan Yojana 2023

Eligibility for Manav Kalyan Scheme

To apply for Manav Kalyan Yojana, an applicant must fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

Applicant’s age should be between 16 to 60 years.
Applicant must have Below Poverty Line (BPL) card.
Applicant’s monthly income should be less than 15,000 rupees.

Features and Benefits of Manav Kalyan Yojana

Manav Kalyan Yojana has been launched by Gujarat Government to provide financial assistance to destitute laborers and small workers. The Ministry of Tribal Affairs also helps all the beneficiaries, which can increase their income. The scheme also provides employment opportunities, allowing individuals to start small businesses and improve their financial status. Here are some of the benefits and features of Manav Kalyan Yojana:

Backward caste artisans, labourers, petty vendors etc are eligible for this scheme
Additional tools and equipment are provided to low-income citizens
The government provides assistance to people working in 28 types of jobs, including tailors, potters, cobblers and beauty parlours.
The state government ensures that the income of everyone working in this scheme increases
Application for the scheme can be submitted online.

Required Documents for Manav Kalyan Yojana

To apply for Manav Kalyan Yojana, the applicant must have the following documents:

aadhar card
Residence Certificate
Vocational Training Certificate
Income certificate
Notarized Affidavit

Rojgar List under Manav Kalyan Yojana

Manav Kalyan Yojana offers 28 types of employment opportunities, and the government aims to provide online access to these job opportunities. Some of the employment opportunities offered under this scheme are:

Decorative work

Vehicle service and repair

Stitching and embroidery




Makeup center

the plumber

the carpenter

Beauty parlour

Sale of hot and cold drinks/snacks

Agricultural blacksmithing/welding work

Repair of electrical equipment

Milk and curd seller



Making papad


Puncture kit

Flour mill

Broom table

spice mill

Mobile Repairing

Making paper cups and dishes


Pressure cooker for cooking

How to Apply for Manav Kalyan Yojana (Online Apply)

To apply for Manav Kalyan Yojana, follow the steps below:

Visit the official website of Manav Kalyan Yojana
Click on “Apply Online” link
Fill the required details and upload the required documents
Click on “Submit” button.


Manav Kalyan Yojana is an initiative by the Government of Gujarat to improve the economic condition of backward castes and poverty stricken communities. By providing financial assistance and employment opportunities, the scheme aims to promote self-reliance of these communities and empower them to start their businesses.

Availability of online application, helpline numbers and provision of additional tools and equipment make the scheme accessible to all eligible applicants. With this scheme, the Government of Gujarat aims to ensure the upliftment of marginalized people and their socio-economic development.

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