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Money Earning Tips & Tricks | Want to earn millions of rupees from mobile

Money Earning Tips & Tricks in Gujarati | Tips to Earn Money Online | Easy Ways to Earn Money in India | Millions of rupees earned from mobile

Money Earning Tips & Tricks in Gujarati : Nowadays it is possible to earn money online using internet. If you also want to earn money online by working online in your smart phone, here you are told how to earn money online, with the help of which you can earn good money online.

For this you have to work few hours in your mobile and you can earn good extra money. So today we want to tell you about through this article Money Earning Tips & Tricks in Gujarati. On which you can know in detail how to earn lakhs of rupees from mobile.

Money Earning Tips & Tricks

Money Earning Tips & Tricks in Gujarati : For this you need to work daily on online platform. Nowadays, more popular ways to work online are blogging, affiliate marketing, YouTube, Facebook, freelancer etc. On which you can easily run these tasks along with your business or job.

Here today are some online money making tips and tricks that you can try your hand at online earning.

You should be careful about the platform you choose. While there are countless ways to earn money online. So some of them may be fake. Also, don’t expect to make big money quickly while using the online way to make money.

Money Earning Tips & Tricks

Money Earning Tips & Tricks : There are many jobs to earn easy money online like data entry, graphic designing, online survey, online tutoring, blogging etc. Here we have selected some of the best ways for students to earn money and improve their skills.

Unlike most articles about ways to earn money as a student, we have specifically collected information on opportunities that can be done without distracting you from your studies. Most students want to earn money while studying without leaving their work.

We have discovered many ways for college students to make money online. Which are not technically classified as ‘Jobs’. Read the methods below to learn more about how to earn money as a college student.

(1) Writing Technical Blogs or Articles – Blog or Article

Money Earning Tips & Tricks : If you enjoy technology and can write and translate complex technical information into simple language that is accessible and readable by people, then technical blog/article writing is for you.

There are many such portals available today, where you can write similar articles. One such portal is “Geeks For Geeks”, the best platform for technical writing.

Along with good money and knowledge of the subject or domain of choice, it will also add much-needed value to your resume, which will ultimately give you an edge over others during placements.

You can earn INR 300-1200 per article depending on the quality, views and likes of your first published article.

If you have good writing skills then you can start your blog and share your thoughts, opinions, tips, methods etc on various topics and with this you can earn money by running ads on your blog. To earn money, you can earn money by participating in big advertising companies.

This is an opportunity to test your writing skills and earn big.

(2) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means that someone offers a product and you can help them sell only their product, you get a fixed commission on each of your products based on how many products are sold by you.

A product can be an offline product and can also be a digital product, such as a website, e-commerce website products, sales of different companies, services etc.

There are many websites on the internet where people prepare your products, courses or similar to sell, their products, corporation or their services reach more people and people buy them, and for that a website affiliate program joins you. is and sells.

You can earn money this way too. You just have to find out which affiliate program will be good for you and you can sell its products.

(3) Online Survey : Online survey

Some companies conduct online surveys of the general public for information about their products or services. If you do so by participating in this work, you get a fixed commission from the company.

For this, some online sites are being shared in front of you, the main ones being Swagbucks, Toluna, Opinion Outpost etc.

(4) Online Business : Start an online business

If you have an idea to do something big or an idea that has not been marketed till date and you can start this business and take a loan of lakhs of rupees. This will require you to do a lot of planning.

(5) Make a YouTube Channel: Make a YouTube channel

If you have good video making skills and you are interested in all these things then you can earn money by creating your own Youtube channel. For that you will need your phone.

(6) Make Online Tutorial & Course

If you have good knowledge of education and you are working in this field, creating and selling online courses is for you May be a good opportunity for. Apart from this, if you have knowledge of a particular subject, you can include all these videos in batch in your course. Due to which you will earn a lot online (Online Earn Money).

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