Now not even a single rupee light bill , Now run lights, fans and AC know how

Now not even a single rupee light bill

The electricity company is going to give people a big gift in the summer season. If you also work under this scheme then you will definitely get rid of light bill forever. You will not have to pay even a single rupee on the light bill. Later, no matter how many lights, fans, fridges, ACs and coolers you use in the house, if you also want to get rid of the problem of light bills forever, then start this work from today.

Now not even a single rupee light bill It may even rid you of the hefty electricity bill every month forever. If you are bothered by sky-high electricity bills then this news is for you. If one scheme of the electricity company is availed, the light bill does not come even of a single rupee. For that, only one technique has to be resorted to. Many people in Madhya Pradesh resort to this technique and do not allow even a single rupee bill to come.

Now not even a single rupee light bill There are some people in the city, whose houses do not have electricity connection. Indeed, these are the people who have installed solar panels to avoid the rising cost of electricity. Now they are generating electricity as well as making profit by selling electricity to the electricity company. Some have installed solar panels by spending one and a half lakh rupees and some two lakh rupees. Now they are also getting subsidy on electricity bill every month.

The voltage will also be good and the light will never go off

Now not even a single rupee light bill There are more than 200 consumers in the district who do not care about power outage or high voltage. This is because these people are using solar panels. Once these people invested but not only they got freed from every month light bill but they are also earning money by providing electricity to the electricity company.

These people started it, you can do it too

C.L. living in street number 6 of Kasturba Nagar area of ​​the city. Salitra holds a senior position in the education department. The monthly bill of his house was about 8-10 thousand rupees every month. About 6 months ago he moved towards solar panels. 4 kilowatt solar panel installed. Now they are generating 400 units of electricity per month. A total of 9 solar panels have been installed. Each panel is 445 watts.

Now not even a single rupee light bill Now they are giving 75-100 units of electricity every month to the power department. A 4 kilowatt solar panel has been installed at home, the cost of which was around 2 lakh rupees. Now they are providing 75-100 units of electricity to the electricity company every month. This has reduced their bill to zero, along with the additional electricity generation, the electricity company will give them Rs once a year.

The bill used to be 15000, now it is zero

Now not even a single rupee light bill In this way, Alok Kumar installed a 3 kilowatt solar panel in Jawahar Nagar of the city. Before installing the solar panel here, he used to get a bill of 12-15 thousand rupees at the shop. Now the situation is that his bill has become zero but due to additional production he is giving electricity company an average of 100-110 units of electricity per month. According to Alok Kumar, he has installed a total of 12 solar panels. It benefited them. The cost was incurred only once but the monthly electricity bill was saved.

There are many benefits

Now not even a single rupee light bill The biggest advantage of solar panels is that you produce energy for yourself as well as for the electricity company. In that, you get relief from the bill, along with it, once a year the electricity company also pays you the money for the electricity purchased from you.

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