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These 3 options are best for women , after investing you will never need anyone

Woman’s Day Investment Tips: There are many ups and downs in the market, but there are some investment options in which women can benefit greatly. Also, once invested in it, they will have no other gajar.

International Women’s Day is one day away. This day is celebrated globally on 8th March. Last year the market was very volatile. Along with this, a significant change was seen in the way of investing by women. Women were found to give first preference to traditional schemes like mutual funds or fixed deposits.

When has 2023 already started? However, markets are still sensitive to many factors. Especially regarding macroeconomics. However, even though the market is volatile, there are many options that allow women to retain their hard-earned returns.

LXME founder Preeti Rathi Gupta says, you should not worry about short-term market movements, focus on your financial goals. To be a smart investor you should link every investment you make to your financial goals. Traditional investment options like fixed deposits have been favored by women as they guarantee principal amount and fixed returns.

However, he added, fixed deposits cannot beat inflation. According to Preeti, investing in asset classes like equity, debt and gold requires diversification according to your goals and risk appetite to optimize returns. There are many investment options available now to do research and understand which instrument best suits your goals like Mutual Funds, Bonds, Sovereign Gold Bonds, National Pension Scheme etc.

Sovereign Gold Bonds: Sovereign Gold Bonds are issued by the RBI. So it’s like buying real gold, but with a certificate. This option is considered to be the most attractive option to invest in gold. You can also start investing with one gram of gold.

National Pension Scheme (NPS): The government launched the National Pension Scheme, a pension-cum-investment scheme, with the aim of building retirement funds. Through this scheme you can invest in 4 different asset classes. Under NPS one can open two types of accounts namely Tier 1 account and Tier 2 account.

Mutual Funds: This option is the best way to start. Mutual funds offer the benefits of professional fund management, flexibility of investing as SIP, lump sum, diversification, power of compounding. The best part is, you can start with just Rs.100. If you are investing for the long term and aiming for returns to avoid inflation, you should not pay attention to short-term market movements. Invest and take advantage of the power of compounding.

(Disclaimer: The investment advice given here represents the personal views of the experts. Neither News 18 Gujarati nor its management is responsible for the same. Be sure to consult your financial advisor before making any investment.)

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