181 Abhayam Women Helpline , Know All Information.

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181 Abhayam Women Helpline

181 Abhayam Mahila Helpline : Many schemes are implemented by Women and Child Development Department of Gujarat Government. 181 Abhayam Women’s Helpline has been launched by Women and Child Development Council (WCD) with the special purpose of women’s protection and women empowerment. If domestic violence is happening to women anywhere in the state or there is a threat of it, they can call the ‘Mahila Helpline Number 181’ and get immediate help. Apart from this Sakhi can also avail the service of One Stop Center (OSC).

Who can benefit from this scheme?

Any girl, woman of the state can use this scheme.

Anyone who can help a woman in this time of distress can use this service.

Any woman from any other state who is a victim of violence against women in any way can avail the 181 Abhayam Yojana.

181 How to get help through Abhayam?

Guidance is given by guidance on physical violence against any woman or sexual violence or sexual harassment in the workplace.

Advice is given in family life or worldly relations.

181 Abhayam Yojana provides guidance on female foeticide, rape, child marriage, sexual harassment.

Provides information on legal acts, provisions.

Information is given about Cyber Crime, Online Extortion, Indecent Chatting, etc.

It gives information about the schemes, programs, provided by the government.

The identity of the beneficiary or mentor of this scheme is kept confidential.

This service is a 24/7 continuous scheme.

181 Abhayam Mobile App

181 women’s helpline can be helped by pressing the panic button on the smartphone through this application. is

A call can be made even by shaking one’s mobile loudly so that in times of emergency one can get help from Mahila Helpline Number 181′ without calling.

If the woman makes a call to the incident site through the mobile application, the exact location of the caller will be found through Google Map.

As soon as 181 buttons are pressed in the application, up to 5 relatives or friends of a woman in a difficult situation will be informed by automatic SMS.

Photo and video of the incident site can be uploaded through the application and sent as evidence to the center of ‘Mahila Helpline 181’.

The three addresses of women who call through 181 mobile application will be found simultaneously in the ‘Abhayam Mahila Helpline’ center.

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