Free Ration Cardholder : Lottery for ration card holders, now wheat-rice along with these items will also be available for free.

Free Ration Cardholder

Free Ration Cardholder: There is a great news for Ration Card holders! If you also take advantage of the free ration scheme! So now the government is making another special plan for you! Under which other things except wheat, rice are being given free (Free Ration Scheme)! Along with this you can get other goods at a very low price!

Under the Ration Card, according to the information received from the Food Minister, many facilities are provided by the Central Government as well as the State Government! In this episode, Uttarakhand government is planning to give free ration (Free Ration Card) besides sugar and salt to 23 lakh families at a low price!

An additional expenditure of 65 lakh crores will be incurred

The Food Minister of Uttarakhand while giving information has said that the department has also prepared a budget proposal for this ration card scheme! It will be presented in the cabinet! After implementing this Free Ration Scheme, the state will have to bear additional expenses of about 65 lakh crore rupees!

All essentials should be available to the poor

The Minister of Food has told the media while giving information! That the central government has decided to give free ration (Free Ration Scheme) to families across the country in the year 2023! This whole year the beneficiaries will get the benefit of free ration (Free Ration Scheme)! The state government has said that it wants essential items like sugar and salt to be available in every kitchen along with wheat and rice!

Subsidy will be given on Sugar : Free Ration Cardholder

Let us tell you that in the Free Ration Scheme, it has been suggested to give a subsidy of 10 rupees per kg on sugar! It can be increased up to 15 rupees! Along with this, the state government has told while giving information! That the card holders who have not taken ration for the last 6 months! Their ration card can be canceled!

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