Now how to get a home loan at a cheap interest rate? Credit score, know how much interest will be paid

Home loan interest rate: If you want to take a cheap home loan to buy a house, then know the many benefits of credit card. Credit score based home loan, and its interest rates, are given by banks and financial institutions. A person’s civil score is checked, the assessment of which depends on the person’s credit score. This credit score, as determined by the credit bureaus,

What is a credit score? (What is a Credit Score)

Home loan interest rate: Credit score is a figure that depends on a person’s financial history and financial activities. This score includes details of all past loan records, credit card and other financial transactions. If you are looking for a cheap home loan, understand these credit score details.

Credit Score Tiers

Credit scores are divided into several levels by lending banks and financial institutions. May vary by bank and financial institutions. for example,

Excellent: 750
Moderate (Good): 700 – 749
Fair: 650 – 699
Moderately Good (Poor): 600 – 649
Bad: 599

In this distribution, the height of the credit score can be placed by many banks and financial institutions depending on how good your personal dealings are with getting your money and loans.

Ghar loan eligibility

Your credit score should be good to get a home loan.

A good credit score can get a person any amount of loan and you can take any amount of home loan

The difference in interest rates affects the cost of home loans

How does the difference in interest rates affect the cost of a home loan? (Home Loan Interest Rate) In case of good credit score and poor credit score, the borrower may find a big difference in the interest rate on the home loan issued by the bank or financial institution. A borrower with a good credit score can get a home loan at a lower interest rate than someone with a poor credit score. In both cases, the difference between the interest rates can have a significant impact on the total cost of the home loan.

Ghar loan calculator

Applications for home loan with more than one person

If you are applying for a home loan with another person (co-borrower), the credit scores of all applicants are considered. In such cases, the lowest credit score among the co-borrowers may affect the interest rate offered.

If you are thinking of taking a cheap home loan, below is the list. This list contains the interest rate details of around 10 banks offering home loans based on credit score. With its help you can compare and make decisions based on your financial needs and credit score.

(Note: This list includes home loan interest rate figures from banks and NBFCs that reflect credit score linked home loan rates on their websites. Interest rates are indicative and actual rates may vary depending on various factors and bank terms and conditions. All these Statistics are as on October 10, 2023 and collected by For updates, you can visit the official website of the respective bank or financial institution.)

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